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Hi again,

You all were so nice to answer my cover question, mind my asking about skinning and shielding?  The DecalGirls skins are all are really nice looking, and I'm tempted to buy one, if anything, to just preserve my K2 from any dings and/or dirty fingers...but I've no clue how "permanent" they are or how hard they are to put on.  Could some of you please be so kind as to share with me your experiences putting the skins on, and once on, if they're removable?  I can imagine putting them on so as to not ruin button functionality might be a pain.

Also, do most K2 users (or K1 for that matter) use any kind of screen protector like the Invisishields?  Are they really helpful/necessary?  Do they degrade the actual e-Ink quality at all?

Thanks for your input!
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