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If the battery indicator is going up, then it must be charging, so eventually it should go green.

There are standard chargers and superfast chargers, so it depends on which you're using as to how long it takes. I tend to charge my stuff overnight - I plug it in and then don't bother to check it till the morning and it's always finished by then - but I have no idea how long it actually takes.

I know it's a worry if you can't afford to replace it, but I do think you're stressing unnecessarily. As for your personal documents, if these are in your Amazon archive then they will remain there, just like your Amazon books and be available for any Kindle you might get in the future. They won't disappear even if you Kindle breaks down and has to be replaced. If you haven't sent them via Amazon and you don't see them in the archive at your Manage Your Kindle page - in other words you transferred them via USB - then you need to back them up, unless of course you still have the originals on your PC.

Just plug your Kindle in, go to bed and get a good night's sleep - your Kindle should be charged by morning!  :D
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