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How To Fight Coronavirus With Eating – Free

Beat Coronavirus (Covid-19) by Changing Your Eating Habits …

The novel coronavirus is not a lethal virus, as most people infected are unharmed or have a mild presentation of symptoms. Only a small proportion will get severe symptoms, some leading to fatality. Many people cannot even handle seasonal influenza, not to mention Covid-19. Humans are supposed to be the best species in evolutionary history, so why does our immune system become so weak?

The problem is not the virus itself, but our habits and diets that will undermine humanity’s immunity. The food we eat every day may be pro-inflammatory, bringing chronic inflammation to our bodies. Our immune system is distracted and impaired by food, ♥♥♥incredibly delicious food.♥♥♥ If we want to fight this virus of the century, we must revisit everything we eat and take a different perspective, to look at food in a new way.

When “eating” has become a threat to human health, social security, economic stability, and even endangers our personal lives and the lives of our loved ones, it is a very serious matter!

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