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Beautiful People - Free Novella - 02/20 -02/21

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In a world where beauty equates with wealth and power, Mary, a disadvantaged but intelligent, young student attending an elite college filled with beautiful, rich peers, must accept the reality that she will never be equal to her classmates because of her family's economic station. Unable to enhance her beauty with the expensive gene therapy her fellow students have received, Mary is faced with a constant barrage of ridicule from her wealthy counterparts and instructors.

Mary's life is about to change.

About to give up on her academic future, Mary is presented with a very expensive, early Christmas gift from her parents-one that would change her life forever. Sacrificing their life's savings, Daniel and Bridget, hope to buy their daughter happiness with a gene therapy package. Now, Mary is confronted with accepting a new way of life filled with the possibility of money and power, but first she must make some difficult decisions.
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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