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Best Categories for this Book?

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I'm looking for the optimal categories for City of Rain, in my signature.  I've tried General Fiction and Literary Fiction.  Now, I've switched to Lit Fic and Suspense.  Some people say that I can't use a Romance category because of the cover.  The cover perfectly expresses the noir mood of the story; it rains all the time.  I can't put beefy Caleb and busty Roxanne on the cover because that would spoil the search motif of the story; boy searches for girl, day after day.

I have "love story" as a tag.  It would be so much better of that were an actual category or sub-category, because that is what this story is all about. Am I going to hear it for Suspense--if I hear anything at all?  What should I do?
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I too often wish "love story" were a category... but it's not. :(

It does sound like a romance though. I mean, given the one review you have on it, it sounds like they get their HEA, lol!

There's no one saying you MUST have a beefy/busty couple on the cover if it's a romance. I'm reading Attachments at the moment, which is an adorable quirky romance, and there are office chairs and a paperclip on the cover.

It sets a certain tone that's true to the novel.

You could put a couple on the cover, but if that's not true to your book, that would be false advertising, and people would rate badly when they didn't get what they expected.
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Thanks, Laura Rae.  Is there a Happy For The Moment (HFTM), or words to that effect, in Romance?  In what Romance sub cat would this novella fit?
Yup, HFN = happy for now. :) As long as it's an emotionally satisfying "togetherness" for the couple (and as long as you don't contradict that in a future book, lol!).

I'm no expert on romance by any means, but from the sounds of it, contemporary romance. Or you mentioned it being suspenseful? So you might look at romantic suspense too, depending on what makes the book suspenseful.
Thanks again, Laura Rae.  I think I'll go with at least one Romance category.
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