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Best Seller on Amazon~ New Kindle e-Book Release ~ I Shall Not Want ~ Author Suzanne E. Uzzell

I Shall Not Want ~Best Seller on Kindle Edition on Amazon

Suzanne E. Uzzell wrote I Shall Not Want to share with her readers a powerful inspirational spiritual word of encouragement from a sermon she preached. She decided to create a book that would embody this preached word along with added thoughts that would impact the reader's life and challenge their faith to grow in God no matter what obstacles, calamities, situations they are encountering or may have to face on their life journey.

This book will give a new perspective about how to navigate through life’s inevitable and learn how to trust God and elevate in faith by allowing a dependency to occur in the relationship between Heavenly Father and his children. God is waiting to shepherd his people. After reading this book you will grow closer in a loving relationship with God and you will learn how to be fathered.

Suzanne E. Uzzell thanks God for allowing her to write this book and preach this word he wrote in her heart . The Lord inspired her to share this sermon in written form to share with those who will read this book.

She was blessed to receive this word and minister it to the congregation. She prays those who read this will be empowered, impacted, which will cause them to draw closer to the Lord Jesus. Suzanne prays they will have the faith to believe in Almighty God and trust in him always.

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I Shall Not Want e-Book on Lulu

I Shall Not Want ~ Kindle Sale on Amazon
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