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The Yellow Pages setup requires a forum thread, so here it is.

Best Sellers Rank is a service that tracks how books perform on Amazon. It periodically (hourly, daily, or weekly) collects and sends easy-to-read key performance indicator reports for all your Amazon books.

Best Sellers Rank is great for...

* Knowing how your books are doing. You get the sales rank, review count, ratings—and much more—for each book, sent to you. Stop obsessively checking Amazon. Let Best Sellers Rank do it for you!

* Learning which promotional strategies improve sales. Probably 20% of your promotional efforts generate 80% of your sales. Which convert the best? By tracking sales rank you know which of the promotions you do actually result in sales.

* Answering questions like: Would I be better off writing or promoting? A few books usually generate most sales. Which genres sell the best for me? Should I write more of one genre because it's selling better? How is my competition doing?
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