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Best/Worst Experience - Self Published

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What has been your best/worst experience since deciding that you wanted to become self-published?

Mine come from only a month "on the job."

My best: Finding out that I sold two copies of a book - and not even knowing about it until I hunted down the book and connected it to my author page. I don't even remember how that happened, but I logged onto Createspace one day, found that I'd sold two books and went crazy. The book is where it needs to be now, though, so no more sneaky sales for me.

My worst: Receiving my first two-star review (I've only gotten two reviews, one was five stars - different books). For a while, I steamed about it because the reviewer wrote mainly negative reviews, but I've gotten beyond that point. I don't care. I'll still write. I've been writing for fifteen years.

So... what about you?
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Humm.  Best and worst.

Best:  Original KDP select algorithms.  I still have my screen shots of being in the top 10 paid lists after a free run.
Worst:  Trying to make Acrobat Pro X do page numbers for my print book.
Best:  Completing my trilogy.
Worst:  Uploading an older unedited file and not figuring it out for a while.  A long while. Like 18 months while.
Best:  Selling out at my book signing at Barnes and Noble.
Worst:  Barnes and Noble taking my print book and combining it with someone else e-book and ignoring every email sent to them.
Best:  Long list of pre-orders for my latest book.
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