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Better days of the week to publish?

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Hi y'all. I haven't yet published to Kindle, but wonder if anyone has noticed if there is a better day of the week for your book to come out? I ask because I read a study once that stated that Tuesday is the best day for social networking because there are more people online after the weekend and the busy Monday get back to work day.

Anyone notice anything like that or does it even matter?

Thanks, C (who isn't asking this on a Tuesday)
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All I know is my sales seem slowest on weekends.
Dara England said:
All I know is my sales seem slowest on weekends.
The absolute best time to publish is on a Feb. 29. You may have to wait a few years for that, but then your readers may thank you! ::)
The best day of the week to publish is Yesterday.

Seriously, get that book out ASAP. You are losing money each day you wait. There's no magic day. Sales usually start slow and build over time, and it takes time to build over time.

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