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Beyond 10 Nights (2nd book Forbidden Desires Series)

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Once again I'm just blown away that people are still buying our books.  Ironically, I've never considered myself an erotic writer, but that seems to be what sells these days.  My vampire romance series is put on hold again as I try to put out the third book in this series with my co-author Karl Jones. The reviews, just like the first book, have been mixed between people that can't understand why the main character would stay with a complete Alpha Male like Rhett, and others that weren't too happy that I brought in some competition with Alex.  The truth is this story really has a mind of it's own.  A little unknown secret is the first book was written in two weeks, the second in less than a month.  Compare that to the Vampire Romance that took me a year to write, it's still blowing me away.

Guess I won't be going back to a day job this year since my salary has already been paid.  The truth of the matter is, some book will just sell by content alone, and I think that's exactly what happened with 10 Nights and Beyond 10 Nights.  I never understood how important it was to research your market before working on this series, I definitely get that now.  You may want to write something ... but is that something you want to write going to sell?  If I have any advice to offer it would be researching the top 100 book selling right now and see if you can write along those lines. 

There will be people who write what they want and not care about the market value, and to those I say go for it and good luck.  For the rest of us who want to make a living at our craft, it doesn't take much research to see what's really making money out there.  Anyways, thank you to everyone who purchased the books, and my door is always open if you want advice on how to market your work.  Not sure what the deal here is on links but if you look up Tears of Crimson you'll find my site and my email is there.
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