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Hey all! I was part of the indie writers rush about a year or two ago. Got overwhelmed and had some health issues so I dropped out of sight for a while. Well I'm back now and am trying to overwhelm myself again ;D I have like 600 people on my facebook, but i realize i usually don't have more then 10 active at any given time. I think probably more then half my list is inactive now. I guess i'm not the only one who has to take a break sometimes and some probably just gave up altogether :-\ Well, I'm not giving up (yet)! I'm having too much fun anyway, but now I need some new FACEBOOK FRIENDS!

There was an "ADD ME" thread that was doing well a couple years ago. I'm surprised I don't see one now, we all made friends with each other and filled our facebooks and twitters with other enthusiastic authors ;D. I figured I'd start a new one, if that's okay? (mods let me know)


I'm still a little scared of twitter and have to learn how to use it properly, but you can add your twitters and other social network links too.

Also ADD ME on goodreads:
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