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Biggest announcement of my writing career....

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...I've decided to drop all my books to $0.99.

I've pained over this for a LONG time now and I've come to conclusion that I want books in peoples hands. Bottom line. I'd rather made $0.35 a book and sell 100 then make $2 on a book and sell 1.

I blogged about it, I hope you read the post... it's me wearing my heart.

And, for those who want to take advantage of my decision.. hehe... I'm not sure Amazon is update yet but I know Smashwords is.

Now is the time to sell books, and write books... so let's write and sell.

-jb 8)
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Good luck!!!

It is a difficult decision, but hopefully it will jazz up your sales.

It sure helped mine.
Jim, I hope it works out for you. I ran a $0.99 sale for this month, but just raised it back up to $3.99 two days ago, so far I have sold about as many copies at $3.99 as I did at $0.99. The only difference for me was a huge loss in revenue. It seems certain books actually do worse at the lower price while others take off at $0.99. Anyways, experimenting with price points is the only sure way to find out what works. Good luck.
Hard decision, I know. Wishing you all the best with it!

How many books do you have?
Good luck. It's all a gamble, in the end, like so much in life.

My point was that I looked at what I had on the market.  A three story book and a book of my serialized story with bonus material.  My stand alone novel isn't due out until the end of July.  I want everyone to enjoy In the Corner while I'm finishing up The Devil's Weekend... without draining them.  I figure if someone has a couple bucks to spare, buy a copy of In the Corner and then when The Devil's Weekend hits, you'll have that other dollar for that.

And plus, I'm confident enough in my writing and ability to write that $0.99 is just a number. I'd rather see someone buy 3 books for $3 from me then one book for $3.

(but who knows, my thoughts could change again, right?!)

-jb 8)
Good luck.

My 99 cent experiment didn't bring me to the 6x sales point to keep my revenue. I sold twice as many books, but that wasn't close enough for me. Now they're priced at .99, 1.99, 2.99 and 3.99 and, while number of sales are down, revenue is definitely up.

Well, good luck.  I just went the other way, actually.  I have one title for $0.99 and I just raised it up to $2.99.  I just can't bear giving my hard work away for almost nothing. 
I know how you feel. I've already flip flopped a couple of times. It's a tough decision and I hope it works out for you.

It was a wonderful and honest blog post.  I really like your site too.

I've always thought that one of the nicest things about kindle is that updating is so easy. Should you want to change back, it will be easy to do.

Let us know how this goes for you.  Wish you the best!  :) 

I've been wanting In the corner and the Asa book since I saw them.  Now you are in my price range.  :) Watch out! I have a buy button and know how to use it.  :)
I wonder how many of us who have just read that blog post disagree. I certainly dont. it could almost have been me writing it. I really feel the pain you feel, but completely agree, the more that read the book the better.
I just dropped my price for the exact same reason. Mine is a childrens story, and it think dropping it to 0.99 makes it more affordable for those with children. I am hoping as some people seem to find that the low price does not put anyone off. it is what it is, a fun childrens story, very short, ideal for bedtime reading.
And I agree with JeanneM, I have had my eye on one of your books for a little while, and now I will be making the purchase (as soon as I get paid..) so thank you for making it more affordable for me.
Good luck with sales!
I don't blame you. I had Invisible Tears at 99 cents for months, sold over 10,000 copies. I raised it to $2.99 and sell about 1000 a month, making more money now, but not the exposure so numbers are sliding. Working on the next title now  ;D. I say give it a go, at least it isn't permanent if you change you mind at any time.
JeanneM said:
I've been wanting In the corner and the Asa book since I saw them. Now you are in my price range. :)
Yup... this is why I made my decision. And look a post or two below it.

AND as of 7am this morning I have sold more books overnight then I have in the past TWO WEEKS! Sure, the amount I make is probably lower, but again, this is a marathon. I'd rather make $0.35 per book of a reader for 100 books then have to market my way to convince them to buy it at a higher price. My time should be spent writing the next book, not trying to think of deals and specials to tell people to buy my books... It much easier now for me at least... $0.99. Get a book. Read. And like I said, I can be a little cocky, because I know ANYONE who buys the books will like them. ;)

-jb 8)
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