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Birds, Birds, Birds (and a little Bull)

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We are all very excited in my house. Yesterday, we discovered a Killdeer nesting alongside the road across from our driveway. She has 4 eggs. It took me a bit of research to discover what kind of bird it was.

See how close to the road she is? I don't have a close-up, the zoom isn't working. We put up signs this morning so people would be careful around the nest. Hopefully my neighbor (who's only there on weekends) won't mind.

We also found a nest in the tree in our front yard. There were no eggs and we didn't know what kind of bird had made the nest. Well, this morning, I saw the bird and had an idea of what it may be (I know next to nothing about birds). When she flew off, I grabbed the step stool and the camera to see if I could get a picture of inside the nest (I'm too short to see in it) sure enough, I got the picture and it was exactly what I was expecting.

A beautiful Robin egg

Last year we had a pair of House Finches build 2 seperate nests in my hanging planters on my front porch. Shortly after the first eggs hatched, they built the nest in the 2nd planter and we had another set of eggs from the same pair. It was pretty cool. I haven't put the planters out yet this year, but hopefully they'll return. The kids really enjoyed watching the birds from the front window. The male Finch was quite chatty and fun to watch as well.
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Dori said:
Took a long time. Find balloons, find pump, blow up, pop, blow up, pop, etc etc. However after having two blown up balloons in your hands it takes a few seconds to form the BIRD. ;D
My question is for Dori, the latex hummingbird maker, (please keep in mind that I've never spoken to a real clown before and it reminds of the first time I sat on Santa's lap and well... ) anyway, Dori, do you also make wiener dogs? ;D Just kidding. I love, love, love the balloon bird! And the pictures of the real birds make me want to weep for real. I am an amateur birdwatcher and I have some hummer feeders. Love to watch them sparring with each other. Thanks for sharing. Brendan
BrassMan said:
It doesn't seem fair to post someone else's picture, but this one, which came from I know not where, you just gotta see. These are supposedly Australian parrots.
Loved the picture, Brassman! Those Australian parrots have a lot of discipline as well as beauty. LOL. I like they way they lined up. Reminds of those seagulls and pelicans down at Galveston Bay. They like to line up on things. Don't look real. Right now I have huge Centex doves beating against my patio doors, demanding breakfast. Hey, everything's big in Texas and they're scary too. :D Heeeey, just saw the picture of the Longhorn... and realized, duh! You must live or spend a lot of time in Texas. :) Longhorn watching, which is akin to bird watching, is my second hobby. We have some doozies around here. Beatiful beasts.
BrassMan said:
It doesn't seem fair to post someone else's picture, but this one, which came from I know not where, you just gotta see. These are supposedly Australian parrots.
Brassman, couldn't resist showing off one of my former neighbor's bulls. This is a Watusi in case you haven't seen them before. Awesome.

My apologies to all the bird people. I promise not to do it again. :-\
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drenee said:
Just change the topic to Birds, Birds, Birds, Bulls, Bulls, Bulls.
No, no, no, please don't do that. I beg forgiveness! :'(
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