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MikeAngel said:
Someone recently posted about being needy, about needing validation from others for her writing. While I understand this completely, I'm just not put together that way. Book sales do not define me; neither does my writing, though a great dollop of my imagination and perspiration go into it.

Today on FB I had one writer say I'd insulted him so he got together 5 or 6 of his writer friends to agree to black list me and that my smartass ways had cost me several sales. Boo hoo, I replied. I don't recall insulting anyone, though I do post responses which are zany at times. But, I'm not on FB to make book sales. I do it to let off steam, to have fun, to interact with other folks, most of whom are not writers.

What I cannot fathom is how one guy or 15 figure they will damage any writer by putting him on some stupid "don't buy" list. I've come to the conclusion that some folks online simply read what they want to read, see what they want to see, and villify whom they want to villify--for reasons beyond knowing in many cases.
That's nothing. I've put you on double secret probation.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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