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Here's something from my college marketing classes--it takes a minimum of 3x's being exposed to something to make it stick in the brain.

Target your book tour promotion to sites where your audience is likely to be. Be sure to post reminders on your blog and twitter, probably at least once a week. Third, definitely have a webpage with the full tour schedule and link to it in those reminders. Ask that your tour hosts post a reminder as the time gets close, and if you can, give them a widget/image to paste on their sites where it will stay until the time comes for the tour. That way, their readers are constantly reminded to return for your visit to those blogs.

You don't have to hit it hard and frequently, but a few simple ideas can go far. And June 19th isn't that far away--only three weeks. I'd start talking about the blog tour now and what you plan to discuss at different stops, so readers know what to expect.

Just my experience. I'm on blog tour this week.
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