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Hee, this might end up getting merged with the Orangeberry one. I admit that I've only launched one book so far and I had a tour for it. I think it helped a bit to get me out there and to make inroads with some bloggers. I also did some of my own soliciting on the side of bloggers and reviewers in tandem. To get the reviews and things...that mostly came from my own efforts...but it took about three weeks of research, database compiling and emailing so it was worth it when I had the time to do so. Otherwise, I want to leave it to companies to do that cause three weeks of soul crushing research and tired eyes was a lot!

Like I've said in other places, didn't make me a star and it didn't make me sell a ton, but I think it at least got my foot-in-door in places. Honestly, the company I used before was solid enough but overall I don't feel I'd personally use them again. I've been doing some research for when I do press/blogs for the sequel and for a new, unrelated novel to launch this summer and early fall and I've found a range of places and companies that offer different things. It all depends on what genre you write for and what you want to do with it.

I'm lucky in that I write young adult and new adult paranormal stuff so there's never a dearth of bloggers and reviewers who want to cover that. Sometimes, depending on the material, it can be harder to get a ton of tour stops.

I will say, after some Google-Fu this weekend, I did find a variety of packages (again I am in a market with a lot more demand from bloggers than like if someone writes a non-fiction textbook or westerns or literary fiction), some of just cover reveals, some of blasts, some of full tours of different sizes, some of smaller tours for affordable prices with review only tours...there's definitely a range based on what you envision.

I will say, I still think if you can get the time, it never hurts to cover your bases and do some legwork yourself to find reviewers/bloggers/places to interview...but, I know, at the same time I'm not employed and am a part-time student so I had the hours.

Ooh, also Fiverr does have blog talk radio stations that offer interviews with authors on their radio shows and podcasts and such now for reasonable prices. I did a couple of those and that was pretty neat.

But for blog tours? I think they do help and have some merit, especially as it can be hard to get bloggers to review indie (especially as, with me, it's only available as ebook) but there's also one's own work to add to the pile and other things one can look into like with radio or podcasts if you hunt.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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