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Blogger vs. wordpress

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Anyone here who'se used both platforms have a preference? I have a Blogger account, no major issues with it myself, but am always hearing criticisms. I'm starting a new blog for pen named erotica and I'm wondering if I'm missing out by sticking with Blogger.

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I started out with Blogger but then switched to Wordpress. I've also use LJ. I never really had a lot of the problems others complained about, but I did have one problem that was most definitely a deal breaker. My blogs wouldn't always load for people. Kinda makes it worthless when that happens.

I've found that they're kinda like cell phone companies, they all suck in their own special ways, and you have to decide whose suckiness you'll tolerate.
WordPress is definitely superior, BUT you must stay on top of security as there are numerous cases of WordPress blogs getting hacked. The most important step is to keep your WordPress up to date.

Here's an article that can help you out with it:
I have had blogs at both and I much prefer blogger because it allows JavaScript. I like to do blog hops, giveaways, contests, etc. None of that stuff can go on a blog. Plus I like having a greater selection of templates to choose from.
I've found that on their own my blogger blogs get a lot more traffic even though I market my blogger and my wordpress websites 50/50. They both have the same posts (since I like to give people a choice of where they would like to read a post) so it can't be the content that makes the difference.
I also like the layout for blogger better, though wordpress has updated their stats page and I like what they did with it.

Personally when I go to a place I rather read a blogger page than a wordpress page because blogger feels easier to navigate.
Given that you're asking about wordpress vs blogger I'm going to write under the assumption that you're talking about their free hosting services.  As such I find them both limited (by design) but my vote, without a doubt, goes to wordpress.

I've put together a number of websites using wordpress and the wide variety of free plugins and themes for the platform are staggering. The ability to impliment post & page subtitles, complete control over layout/color/etc, AJAX-enabled front-end comment editing timers for your readers, SEO optimization, whatever you need has either already been done or is easy to learn and customize yourself.  I've done all of these on my own personal website (you can find a link to it in my profile) and I can't speak highly enough about it.

Since you're talking the free .com version I still recommend it. Both the free and self-hosted versions use the same back-end so once you learn one you can use both. If you ever decide you've had enough of the restrictions the free hosted versions come with you'll already have 90% of the skills you need to set your own domain and site up without headache.
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I agree with Dustin. My vote goes to WordPress without a doubt.  I have had experience with both of the free blogger and WordPress platforms but most of my experience is with custom WordPress installations on my own server. 90% of my clients' websites are built using WordPress (can be downloaded for free from if your interested in installing your own vs using the hosted version)'.  WordPress is just more flexible and if you ever decide to move from the free hosted version to your own server, you can take your site with you.  I don't think that option is available with blogger.

Good luck with your new endeavor!
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