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The only thing you need to realize is that when you write in a software like word or scrivener and you just copy and paste it over, you will bring a lot of crud with you - even without noticing. That will create bad html (which your wordpres is using) and that will hurt your seo ranking and might create overall problems with how the result will look on the web.

An easy solution if you just write text in word: you can copy and then insert it into the editor for wordpress as just text. But it is a bit cumbersome. This has the instruction with images for it.

Scrivener is easier since it is mostly just text but still might have problems. Especially when you want to set links and work with spacing of paragraphs: HTML and CSS separate text from formatting, which makes the copy and paste so problematic. You are basically telling wordpress: ignore how my theme looks and use this formatting i bring with me!

If you are on windows, a simple free editor is open live writer. It has great features and even allows you updates of already published articles:

you can set it up to automatically publish to your blog as well, or you can use it just as an editor for writing and then copy and paste from here. this copy and paste is based on HTML and thus 'clean'.

Of course you also can just write in wordpress itself. There is nothing wrong with the editor, and the handy shortcut of CTRL-k will bring up the hyperlink dialogue for you to insert a link. It will autosave I think every few minutes as well.

In the end it comes back to preference: do you like working in the WP editor or do you prefer something else (f.e. because of a spell checker, autocorrect or any other helpful feature). You can save drafts and even share between your computer and your blog as long as you remember to be careful about the clipboard problem.

For people with mailing lists: this is the same with the editor of your newsletter there. You work in HTML (even if you have a what you see is what you get editor) and copying text from other rich editing software (word, scrivener) will likely bring problems. All of these software have a "view HTML" and you can paste your text in there. It will automatically be treated as "just text" but you loose any links.

If you write blog articles with images be careful: Images carry SEO value as well. You will want to edit their names to be 'good names' and upload them in the posting you will using them to ensure wordpress can correctly connect them; then enter and edit them in the wordpress editor.

If you start out in another software I recommend just copying the text out and manually placing the images in wordpress to avoid problems. hth.
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