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Let's address some of your other questions.....

Can you email text from Kindle to Kindle? No (not yet, anyhow). You can email the same text files to multiple Kindles, but using a PC is your best choice. You can use Amazon's email conversion service, so far no one on the KindleBoards has reported being charged; several people have sent hundreds of documents. You can also use the USB cable to transfer .txt files directly onto the Kindle.

When you refer to "text" websites, you mean "mobile." These websites are set up for mobile devices, like Blackberries and Treos, which don't have a standard web browser. The Kindle can load most websites, but the formatting is all over the place. Most major websites do have mobile versions.

Can you read blogs on the browser? Absolutely, just type in the URL. Once again, the formatting will likely be off.

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