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My third novel Blood Bar, is available at, published with Black Bed Sheet Books, and is on the Kindle.

Vampires don't exist...yet, on the brownstone back alley side streets of New York, a vampire dies. Desperate, his lover turns to Kim Bennett, author Norm Applegate's quintessential heroine whose passion for S&M led to celebrity status as a hell-and-back murder mystery sleuth who's been there, done that, and then some. This time, Kim finds herself caught between a secret vampire society's attempts to locate The Black Testament (a sacred document written by Jack the Ripper), the modern-day vampire hunters bent on their destruction, and a white knuckled journey of self-discovery that catapults her into the bowels of hell and the arms of the ultimate vampire.......courtesy of The Haven, New York's ultimate BLOOD BAR.

Blood Bar


Kim's "blood line" is long and scary.
S.L. Brent (Philadelphia, PA.)

Nice twist on a vampire theme, April 11, 2009
J. Anderson "southboca" (Sarasota, Fl United States)

It's not every day that you run across a vampire book with strong, resourceful women in it. What a nice change of pace!

Vampires Do Exist!, May 18, 2009
Crystal Adkins "Crystal's book reviews"
New Reviewer Rank: 7,667
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Kim Bennett is about to discover a world that humans do not know exist, and she is not even so sure she believes what she is destined to be a part of. When an old friend, Rose, calls to tell Kim about a murder and that she is needed to help find out who killed Rose's lover, Kim will find more things out about her ancestry and her future in a very short amount of time. Dodging being killed herself, and trying to find all the pieces to The Black Testament in order to understand her fate, she falls in love with the most powerful vampire in the city.

Always on the run, Kim has to stop running and face the facts. A blood thirsty blood doll is ready to jump in for the kill, and a Native American detective that sees "things", wants to make a deal with the big man in charge; and the saddest part of all, a good friend is forced to kill someone she loves. But Nicolai does something sort of sadistic, in hopes of finding out the truth about Jack the Ripper, The Black Testament, and Kim Bennett.

Blood Bar by Norm Applegate is a paranormal thriller that will keep you intrigued from the start. It holds a lot of mystery and unknowns that eventually reveal themselves. A strong heroine that is used to "roughing it" in the world of S&M finally understands the reason why she is the way she is. Role playing vampires, or do vampires really exist? Dive in to the world and mind of Norm Applegate as he paints vivid pictures of blood, gore, and sex, in Blood Bar. 4.5 Hearts

Simply the best of the Kim Bennett Series!!, February 6, 2009
ellen "ellen in atlanta"(Atlanta, Georgia USA)
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If you thought Norm Applegate's first two Kim Bennett books (Into the Basement and Into the Spell) 'weren't yo' momma's thrillers, well, buckle up if you want to know what Kim gets into next.
This book is not for the faint of heart. There are graphic scenes, both violence and sex, but all are in the context of the story.
Kim Bennett, San Francisco madam and first class Dominatrix, gets a call from Rose Nicholls, who was part of the last Bennett adventure. She tells Kim that her boyfriend Drach has been murdered and she is a suspect, and asks Kim for help. Kim was introduced at the end of the last book, Into the Spell, to vampires and blood bars. Blood bars are kind of underground places where vampires and their 'donors' come to feed and be pleasured.
The non-vamps have razor rings they can cut a willing participant and drink from them.
Not a 'Cheers' type place!!
Kim comes to Rose's aid, and finds there is a 'Black Testament' that was written by Jack the Ripper - it's been divided in several pieces for protection, but somehow the major vamp players know Kim Bennett is right in the middle of this mystery...
Norm Applegate is a masterful writer and if you have never read things about Dominatrixes and graphic sex, well, be forewarned.
You WILL however read what a thriller should be - dark, scary, sexy, tense and taut with action and character driven by strong people - starting with Kim herself.
Applegate's first novel Into the Basement is being made into a movie, and I for one will be the first to buy a ticket -
The Kim Bennett series is well written and plotted - Blood Bar is Applegate's best to date -
An excellent read!

"Blood Bar" - the Latest Norman Applegate thriller, February 15, 2009
Fredric R. Mance Jr. "USCitizen" (Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada) - See all my reviews

Set in New York City and San Francisco, "Blood Bar" is the latest thriller from Norman Applegate to trace modern day vampires back to their ancient origins.
A page turner of a story that combine sex, blood, political power and the vampire legends into a one hell of a ride!
A great read.

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WOW, you guys are really good, thanks for fixing the link to the Kindle version of Blood Bar.

Kathy, your interest is greatly appreciated.

All the best
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