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Bloody Love: Because Not All Romances End Happily Ever After

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Yay! It's been more than seven days. I can post again! Oops. I probably shouldn't have said that; I probably sound like an overzealous marketer.

But, no worries, there are no marketers in this book! Or, are there? Oh, wait, there is. Sorry about that. But, he just tries to sell print magazines to people with Kindles and iPads. You can guess that might not work out too well, but I can't tell you because I'm sure you don't want spoilers.

Mind you, I suppose it's a major spoiler to tell you that none of these stories end happily ever after, but you don't know why they don't end that way, so that's the reason you'll need to get the book. Oh, you want to know something more about the stories themselves? Geesh, you're picky.

But, wait! First, I imagine I should tell you about the book itself, and then the stories. Otherwise, we'd be kind of doing things backwards. So, the book is called "Bloody Love" and it's a collection of four short stories. They'd be your typical romance fare, if I could actually write typical romance fare, which I apparently cannot, because few people get out of these love stories alive.

Okay, I lied. Some people do live, but the romance, well, that died a horrible, horrible death, often in unexpected ways. At least I hope they are unexpected, because if you see it coming, well, I suppose I'll need to try harder in the future.

Let's get to the stories . . .

Story the First! Actually, it's not called that. It's called "Faded Dreams of Photos in the Sun" (1,562 words). Originally intended to be a mushy, lovey-dovey, sentimental, aw-isn't-that-sweet kind of story that makes you want to projectile vomit, I just couldn't manage to get it to come out that way. The story, I mean. I didn't actually try to throw up. Sorry. Anyway, I had to take a little bit of a dark turn and then it was perfect. On the plus side, there is sort of a happily ever after ending for at least one of the characters. Probably.

The second story is "Women Will Want You" (1,966 words) which is about a guy looking for love. We've all been there, but most of us probably don't resort to buying questionable love pheromones on the Internet, which is a good thing for us, but not for Mark who did.

The third story is "Allen Abduction" (10,131 words) featuring 34-year-old Allen. Poor Allen--literally and figuratively--lives at home with his parents and consequently finds it difficult to bring home a woman. Of course, that's not his only problem or even his biggest problem. But, when he makes a startling discovery about his parents, he takes the opportunity to have some alone time at home with a woman, assuming, of course, he can find a woman willing to come home with him. It won't be easy.

The fourth story is "The Wedding Party" (377 words). This one is short and quick as it's the police statement of the survivor of a wedding. Be careful who you invite to your wedding!

So, there you have it. Well, the summary anyway. You don't have the book yet. Why is that? You should go get it right now:

Also, if you're reading this now, today, which is January 4, 2013, it's free. Yes, FREE. Yes, I am doing a free promo today, so please download early and download often. But, don't tell your friends. Tell them tomorrow when it's back up to 99 cents. That's still a deal.

Thanks and watch for the post from Betsy or Ann to magically appear below in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .
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This book makes a very bad Valentine's Day gift but today is not Valentine's Day, so it's available for FREE today, December 3, 2013.  Enjoy!
According to my math, over 22 months is more than 7 days so I can post in this thread again. Yay! And that's a good thing for you because, for Halloween, Bloody Love is free. So it's free tomorrow and today because I figured what the heck, I'll include a weekday in case people are too busy on Saturday with Halloween stuff. You're probably having a party or something. I'll be working.

At any rate, you can grab the book for free today or tomorrow but probably not both days because Amazon won't let you download a duplicate copy.

Or, as is my preference, you can wait until Monday and buy it for 99 cents, out of which I get enough money to buy a quarter of someone else's candy bar which seems like a bad idea considering I could put on a costume, walk on my knees and get free candy tomorrow. Well, maybe three hundred of you will buy a copy on Monday which will let me buy a costume for next Halloween so I won't have to buy a quarter of anyone's candy bar. Or, due to inflation, a fifth of someone else's candy bar.

The bottom line is, please buy my book on Monday and don't download it for free today or tomorrow. Again, it's free today and tomorrow, October 30 and 31, 2015, but you want to wait until Monday when you can buy it for 99 cents. You can also buy it for 99 cents on Sunday, but you might be in church begging forgiveness for your Halloween party antics.
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