Old friends reunite at a hunting cabin, twenty years after they committed an awful deed in high school, and find themselves forced to choose who will live and who will survive. This highly-rated horror is $4 off today - just 99 cents!

Blue November Storms, by Brian James Freeman

"A great coming of age story about five young boys (The Lightning Five) who do something terrible in their youth, in a cabin in the woods. Years have passed, but the event still haunts the young boys as they return to the cabin for a reuniting of fishing and outdoors fun. The woods, mother nature, and their past, have a different plan for them though. One that could lead to catastrophic ends for many of the men. Brian James Freeman strikes another one out of the park with this novella. Very good read, and if you've read his other works, you'll know Brian tells quite the tale in all of them." -- Amazon reviewer
It's been twenty years since the group of friends known as the Lightning Five visited their hunting cabin together. Twenty years spent living in the shadow of something they did in high school, an event that forever defined them in the minds of everyone in their small town.

Now they're returning to the cabin to reminisce about old times and forget their troubles, but mother nature has other plans in mind. Before too long supplies will be running low and the Lightning Five will have to make some hard choices... like who gets to live and who has to die.

Special Bonus Features:
* New introduction by horror legend Ray Garton
* Twenty original illustrations by Glenn Chadbourne
* Afterword by Brian James Freeman detailing how and why the story was written
* "Ink-slinger: An Interview with Glenn Chadbourne" by Robert Brouhard
* Stunning new cover artwork by Vincent Change

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Brian James Freeman sold his first short story when he was fourteen years old and his first novel when he was twenty-four. His short stories, essays, novellas, and novels have been published by Warner Books, Leisure, Cemetery Dance, Borderlands Press, Book-of-the-Month Club, and many others.

His newest book-length work of fiction is The Painted Darkness, which took the Internet by storm during the summer of 2010 and will be published in hardcover in December 2010 by Cemetery Dance Publications. The Painted Darkness was also offered as the "Free eBook of the Month" by WOWIO.com in October 2010, and within two weeks it became the most downloaded title in the program's history.

Brian's short fiction has appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies since 1994 including From the Borderlands (Warner Books), Borderlands 5 (Borderlands Press), Corpse Blossoms (Creeping Hemlock Press), and all six volumes of the acclaimed Shivers anthology series (Cemetery Dance Publications).

Seven Stories, an eBook exclusive short story collection, was the #1 bestselling story collection on Amazon.com in the US, UK, Germany, Spain, and France, and #2 bestseller in Italy, during the first week of February 2012.

Brian is currently the managing editor of Cemetery Dance magazine, where his column "The Final Question" appears. His essays, columns, and interviews have been published in The Stephen King Library Desk Calendar 2009 (Book of the Month Club), The Stephen King Library Desk Calendar 2010 (Book of the Month Club), Jobs in Hell, Hellnotes, and Cemetery Dance.

Brian is also the publisher of Lonely Road Books where he has worked with Stephen King, Guillermo del Toro, Chuck Hogan, Mick Garris, Stewart O'Nan, and other acclaimed authors. You can learn more on the official Lonely Road Books website at LonelyRoadBooks.com

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