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I am preparing a paperback collection of about ten stories (it will be in Romanian) - and would like to ask for feedback on the blurb (that Createspace requires in English). Any suggestions welcome.

Here it is:

"A man goes through the pain of speaking fly language to communicate with his first visitor in twelve years.  A mole-woman pays a visit to her former pupil on her way to a funeral.  The Stock Market crushes and at once cuts off the oxygen supply to thousands of embryos worldwide.  After years and years of marriage, happiness turns out to be nothing else but a bottle with one wrecked cork... 
In “When the Moon Had Feet”, Gabriela Popa examines how impossible events and their incredible outcomes morph and trickle, little by little, into the usual happenings of our daily life..."

Many thanks - G
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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