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My only complaint is that you are showing me another book that I want to read.  Like, part of me wants to read what I've got, but now part of me knows that there are vampires and werewolves in WW2 Europe.  ;D

And, I like the opening of "France, 1916" but I agree with JohnHansen that it depends on the cover.  If there is a werewolf, or if the title says werewolf in big letters, then I think the opening of "France, 1916" is perfect because people already know that the supernatural element is there.  If they need to get it from the blurb, then it might be more important to put something about werewolves up front.

But, yeah, I dig it.

If you were worried about the "Swiss border" thing, you could simplify the second sentence and put the Swiss part in the third.  Something like:
Original-Hundreds of miles of muddy trenches and chemically-polluted wasteland run from the North Sea to Switzerland. Here at the southern border, so-called Kilometre Zero is quiet.
Simpilified- Rains wash polluted water from the muddy trenches and slowly, a wasteland spreads down from the North Sea.  Here at the southern Swiss border, the so-called Kilometer Zero is quiet.

Ha, or something.  I like it the way you had it.  Just giving a suggestion if you were worried about that sentence. 
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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