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Please comment on this blurb for my collection of short stories. Thanks!

This book is a collection of four short stories from the unconventional mind of Al Macy.

The Christmas Planet

Jake Corby's family convinces him to celebrate Christmas on a Disneyland-like planet run by creatures who walk on two legs but resemble schnauzers in elf costumes. When the Corby family arrives, Jake finds that the setup is not quite as innocent as it appears.

A Pirate's Life

Down and out scavenger Alex Hale comes across a derelict spaceship belonging to mutineer Jan Breck. There's a price on her head. Her beautiful head. Will he turn her in and get the reward?

Sophia, Kidnapped!

Jake Corby gets word that the four-year-old daughter of an old friend has been kidnapped. Working together with Archie Chen, the "Mexican Ninja," he tries to rescue her. Before it's too late!

Love in the Snow

Mind reader Eric Beckman has a problem. His daughter, Cosmina, is about to learn that she can compel others to do her bidding. He must train his wife to resist this mind control before Cosmina starts ordering her around: Drive me to the mall! Buy me a pony! Let me date Rufus!
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