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I am currently working on my blurb, sometimes I'm happy with it, and other times I absolutely hate it. Any suggestions...?

In a small farming community, something is killing livestock in the dead of night. Sydney journalist and mother, Beth Margraves, is at a turning point in her career when she is asked to cover the mystery.

Beth is reluctant to return to the small town she left soon after high school, leaving behind her widowed Father, and an unanswered marriage proposal from her then boyfriend. Fearful of missing out on an amazing job promotion, Beth packs up her seven year old daughter and her issues and heads back to the town she left so long ago. Is the town really being terrorised by a new breed of dog, hiding in the national park that surrounds it? Or something far worse?

Returning to Brereton Beth will come face to face with not just the town’s Demons, but her own. Inspired by actual events, and shortlisted for the 2010 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, 'The Pack' offers thrills and chills for all readers.
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