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I'm on KDP and Smashwords, now I long to dwell within the realm of Nook.  I don't want to screw up like I did with Smashwords (requiring me to have my account deleted and I start from scratch).  I use multiple pen names, for different genres.  3 so far.  On Smashwords I have a Publisher's Account, with different pen names attached to it.  In KDP I used by Amazon sign on, but it lets me use different pen names without issue.

How does PubIt work?  Can I create an account with my e-publisher name, and add pen names, or do they work like KDP and no matter what name you log in under, you have to assign a pen name to each work and thus separate them like that?

I hope I am clear on this.  Seems unnecessarily complicated when I try to explain something simple in my head.  ???
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