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I have just released my latest book, Bolthole Portal. This near-term Alternate History / Dystopian story could be in tomorrow’s headlines.
In honor of our Independence Day, I’m going to make my new Kindle book free for 5 days, starting on July First. On that day, go to: Bolthole Portal eBook: Kimbrough, A.G.: Kindle Store
and place your order

Cynthia feels the pressure, as every day reduces the time available to save a small sample of humanity.
This time, Nibru will bring an Extinction Event, in less than five years.
A breakthrough physics discovery offers a glimpse of an unknown world beyond a portal.
She is directing a project that dwarfs the Manhattan Project, in scope and secrecy.
The United States will attempt to launch, through an expanded portal, a group of its best and brightest young people into the unknown world.
Plant Natural environment Poster Organism Terrestrial plant Will the clock reach midnight before Project Bolthole can be completed?
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