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Book club question?

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Are there any book clubs for mystery lovers?  Is it easy to join in?  Are there any openings for one just starting a new book? 
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Birdlady, if you start one, I'll join you!  Unless it's a scary (supernatural) book!  :eek:  I'm kinda chicken that way.  :-[

N :)
I'd be interested as well, so long as they aren't too bloody/gory!

Can anyone start a book club?  I was wondering about the possibility of a Science Fiction club.
Ladies, Betsy is The Book Corner mod. There is a book klub guideline located there and you can send Betsy a PM about starting a book klub. She has the schedule, I know we have several lined up along with Reading with the Author book klubs. We are always happy to have someone offer to lead a book klub. :) In the past we chose them by poll. After you PM Betsy you could chose several mystery/thrillers you like and *let the people chose.* Come to think of it I don't think we've had a mystery yet, great idea! Go for it!

And you can join an existing book klub at any time - just jump in!  The Southern Vampire series is kind of mystery-ish, and not terribly scary.
Neekeebee said:
Birdlady, if you start one, I'll join you! Unless it's a scary (supernatural) book! :eek: I'm kinda chicken that way. :-[

N :)
I'll join you in the chicken coop. I love mysteries and would join a mystery club.
As would I. . . .Maybe Silent in the Grave et al would be good choices. . .they're well priced right now. . . .

Mystery . . . yay, I love mysteries.  :)
We need a leader and then we can post some books for a poll. Volunteers?  :)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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