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Book Cover Design Contest Finalists: Help Me Pick the Winner!

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I posted a poll on Monday to solicit input for my book cover design contest. Thank you to everyone who commented. It made it easy for me to narrow it down to two finalists. Now, I'm hoping to get your thoughts one last time before I make a decision.

I am torn between these two designs. I am also torn between the monochromatic (left cover) and analogous versions (middle cover) of one of these two designs. So once again, I turn to my KBoard brothers and sisters in arms for your advice.

Which of these three covers do you like best?

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These are very nice covers.  Good job!  I like the first one best, but the one in the middle will probably stand out more as a thumbnail.  However, your name will likely be illegible at that size.
I really like the third one (the one with the Metropolitan setting). It looks more mysterious than the first two. Plus, the bright colors in the first two are a bit too much. The darker colors in the third not only add a more ethereal appearance, but also gives a better impression of something suspenseful that's about to take place.

At least that's how I see it.
The last one grabs me the most. It gives more to the mind to play with, and it seems to go better with the title.

Having said that, I agree with Racetrack, of the three the middle one will stand out best as a thumbnail. The problem for me is I don't see an immediate connection between the image which doesn't leave much room for suggestion and the title. Then again I haven't read the blurb. The image and title are probably (likely) to go together just great.
If I was scrolling through the bestseller list I think the second one would probably jump out at me. The third one is just 'dark' and I would have to stop and really study it to see what was going on.
I'd go for the middle one; looks good and will jump out more at people as they scroll around. It's brightness will simply catch more eyes and earn a few more click than the others.
The one with the cityscape definitely catches my eye best!
The middle one is most eye-catching and my guess is that one will sell the best.
Third for sure. I have no inkling as to what your book could be about from the first two.
I like the third one the best. Looks most professional and most like a book in your genre!
The blue one catches my eye more than the other two. Very nice!
I like the cityscape best and the analogous color scheme second. 

I generally like monochromatic schemes, but I think in this case the monochromatic version doesn't have enough contrast--it has less contrast than the analogous version so it doesn't pop.  You can see when comparing the lightest and darkest parts to the same areas on the analogous version that there is less contrast.

I like 2 and 3 the most, but 3 is the most interesting.
I think the 3rd one is the most interesting.  It might be just a tish dark, but otherwise I'd go with #3.
I like the middle one best. The tones in the first are a bit dull, and the last one is good, but the object behind the title makes it a bit busy and hard to read. The middle one is generally more eye-catching, IMO.
For me it comes down to this: One says thriller, one says sci fi. Two very distinctively different genre targets. Whichever way your book leans to most, go that way.
Scarlett_R said:
For me it comes down to this: One says thriller, one says sci fi. Two very distinctively different genre targets. Whichever way your book leans to most, go that way.
I agree with that. I'd go with the middle one if it's a thriller and the third one if it's sci-fi
I think #2 is the most eye-catching, although you need to make your name bigger. It'll fade out in thumbnail. The third one is nice, but I think you won't be able to see the cityscape in thumbnail.

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