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Book Covers Not Updating

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I uploaded new book covers and they're showing on my dash and I got the emails from KDP that said the changes were accepted but the new covers aren't showing. I cleared my browser history so I don't think it's that. Any suggestions???
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How long ago? It can take a few days. If you did it today, they might not be up until after the weekend.
Really??  Even with the confirmation emails?
Yep.  Amazon's a big site, so it takes a while for everything to catch up.
Nope. Some of your Look Insides have changed (I just looked) but there can still be quite a bit of lag time. It's annoying, I know. If the new ones aren't up by Tuesday morning I'd rattle their chain.
Thanks!  I'll try to be patient. Not my strong suit.
Actually, this has prompted me to check my pre-order.  It goes live on Sunday, and it STILL doesn't have a Look Inside.

Does this not generate in pre-oder, or should I be sending emails?
Donna White Glaser said:
Thanks! I'll try to be patient. Not my strong suit.
I know the feeling! :D

For what it's worth, your new covers are great. They definitely get the humorous aspect across now. Good luck!
That's some memory, SD! I'm impressed.  :D
YolyM did them. I love them!
Donna White Glaser said:
That's some memory, SD! I'm impressed. :D
YolyM did them. I love them!
I have weird, selective memory. For instance, I can't even tell you what I cooked for dinner last night.

YolyM does great covers. I bet you'll sell very well now!
New book covers will appear first in the Look Inside. The product page cover takes longer. Mine are usually up by the next morning (in the U.S.), but it may take a bit longer. If it hasn't happened by Monday, email KDP or call Author Central (not open weekends).

You are not alone.  I just published my first book about 4 hours ago and the actual page is up but not the cover or the look inside even though it shows up on my dashboard so you have company!

Regards and I just need to go to bed and stop wasting time hitting 'refresh' on my amazon page (though it is so COOL to see it even without the cover!)  8)

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