It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
Peter Stone, by Alison Knight
Peter Stone seems like an ordinary man, but he's harbouring a dark secret.
Why must he suddenly return to England, following a mysterious phone call in the middle of the night? His partner Martha suspects there's another woman. The truth is worse than she could ever have imagined.
And Peter's not the only one with a secret.
Unfolding across different times and different places, Peter Stone explores the burden of the past and the complexity and fragility of human relationships.
The Vilcabamba Prophecy: A Nick Randall Novel, by Robert Rapoza
NICK RANDALL is an archeologist who believes mankind isn't alone on Earth. When a mysterious benefactor funds his research, he departs to find the lost city of Vilcabamba. Hidden deep in the Amazon, Randall believes the city holds proof that his contentious theory is true. Upon arriving at the ruins, he mysteriously disappears.

Randall's beautiful daughter SAMANTHA learns of her father's disappearance from his mentor FRANCISCO ANDRADE who pleads for her help. An accomplished archeologist herself, Sam must decide if she will set aside her career and search for the man she blames for her mother's death.

But someone else is looking for her father as well. FRANCIS DUMOND, a shadowy man with unlimited resource...
No Fail Guide to Irresistibly Delicious Vegetables: How to Create Your Own Plant-based Whole-food Diet Masterpieces Without Following Exact Recipes, So You can Enjoy an Easy and Healthy Life, by Osha Key
Fed up with healthy food because it tastes bland?
We all know that in order to lose weight, live a healthy life, be fit and thrive we should eat more raw fruit and vegetables. However, sometimes we're tempted to go for our comfort foods which may be just empty calories and full of unhealthy and even toxic ingredients.
What if veggies and other natural nutritious whole-foods tasted as good (or even better) than your normal comfort foods?

It's all about how you prepare it!
This book is an ultimate guide if you're planning to change your diet and start your health journey. The author, who has lost 40 pounds following this advice (you can find her story and progre...
Trip to the world of tea: From dragon legends to smoking a chicken, 99 things you might not know about tea, by Istvan Fonay
Enjoy a light journey to the amazing world of loose-leaf teas! Great for yourself or as a gift, whether you are a tea-lover or a tea-rookie, you can enjoy this book, as it is simple to pick up and simple to put down.

What is the book about?
What the title says is exactly what you can expect. 99 facts, fables and trivia about tea drinking, origins stories, historical moments, cooking ideas and more! It is not your typical story type of book with lot of fillers.

Each tip is designed to be short, concise yet share everything you need to know, leaving you with wanting to know a little more about tea. Almost like a perfect cup of tea, can share so much, in so little.

What more?
The trivia are...
Beneath The Roses, by John D. Ottini
A Mystery Novelette.

Everyone loves a juicy secret-but what if it's so horrible it could destroy your life?

Sitting by the bedside of her dying mother, Gwen is told a secret so startling that she can only hope that what she is hearing are simply the delusions of an over-medicated woman in her final hours of life. But in the weeks and months following the funeral, that hope crumbles as more pieces of evidence come to light, threatening everything Gwen holds dear. Then tragedy strikes once more.

Desperate to move on with her life, Gwen sets out to discover the truth-only to be confronted with a question that is far more difficult to answer: Are there some secrets that are best left secret?
Lavender Marone: The Trials of Wrenn, by Kate Vellichor
Existence is a sphere. Stretch a grid across it and you'll find that this planet, this galaxy, this entire universe takes up one single cell. One single cell on a quite possibly endless shape. It took a lot of theoretical physics research, years of grad school, and seven hundred and thirty-two migraines for Marone to figure that out. Even longer to determine how to travel from one world to another. Now jumping between them is as simple as pressing a button and letting a wave of white electricity whisk her away. She doesn't mean to involve anyone, honestly, especially not a young woman from Earth who has never truly left her hometown......
Ironheart, by J. Boyett
Part H. P. Lovecraft and part Alien, Ironheart is the story of what happens when the mining ship Canary comes across a strange derelict on the edge of the galaxy--a derelict occupied by a strange woman, a woman who cannot possibly exist but does.......
In the Light of What We See, by Sarah Painter
Brighton, 1938: Grace Kemp is pushed away by the family she has shamed. Rejected and afraid, she begins a new life as a nurse. But danger stalks the hospital too, and she'll need to be on her guard to avoid falling into familiar traps. And then there are the things she sees…Strange portents that have a way of becoming real.
Eighty years later, Mina Morgan is brought to the same hospital after a near-fatal car crash. She is in terrible pain but recalls nothing. She's not even sure whom to trust. Mina too sees things that others cannot, but now, in hospital, her visions are clearer than ever…
Two women, separated by decades, are drawn together by a shared space and a common need to salvage their lives.