It's Book Discovery Day! Every Friday we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

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Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
The Narrowing Path, by David J NormoyleOnly the strongest, smartest and most ruthless will survive.

Every six years, the world draws nearer to the sun. In Arcandis, those who want to live must claim the limited places in the Refuge, a series of underground caverns cooled by the sea.

The teenage boys of noble birth are sent out into the city to demonstrate their wits and strength. Some prove themselves in combat, others display their empire building skills, still others attempt to kill off their rivals. Out of over a hundred, only six will be selected by the leaders of the great families and allowed a place in the Refuge. The rest will perish, one way or another.

Not only is thirteen-year-old Bowe younger and weaker than most...
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Blood Echo, by Melissa SimonsonObsession is the dark side of love.

Iris Avery and her best friend, Estella, spend their time drowning in the empty excesses indulged in by their crowd of Upper East Side snobs until Estella's sudden, shocking death.

Iris searches for answers in everything from philanthropy to hypnotherapy, feeling her existence is nothing more than a dark half-life full of guilt and repentance, but finds only endless questions. And several of them revolve around her when she discovers she's connected to a high-profile murder.

Later, Iris begins hearing Estella's voice whispering cryptic commentary in her head, and she can't help but wonder if the hypnotherapy has been helping or hurting. Is her friend trying to warn...
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The Cloud, by Elmore HammesA story of hope, love and redemption set against the stars.

An unstoppable cloud hurtles through the cosmos, annihilating all life in its path, absorbing the energy of living creatures as it passes from system to system.

A lone survivor of an advanced civilization is rocketed from his doomed planet in an attempt to preserve a race, heading toward the solar system and the green-blue orb called Earth. A simple farm girl holds the key to stopping the approaching menace, but she must find her way to love to do so.

With a beginning inspired by Superman and pulp fiction such as Flash Gordon, the story then transitions into modern space opera. The second half of this novel takes some surprising turns, with a dar...
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Young Moon (Water Worlds), by H. S. St. OursYoung Moon's father was Chinese on his mother's side, and he could go on and on talking about the miraculous accomplishments of the great Chinese people.

He said more than once that they were among the most blessed and privileged of nations. After all, they had dozens of astronauts -- yuhangyuans -- in orbit and on the Moon, and there was a small base on Mars, too, being built by robots. Even bigger stations -- the ring cities -- were planned.

Young Moon used to get uncomfortable and wished he would lower his voice. Their walls were thin in Wonsan and school taught her that this kind of talk was treason. Teacher said the Dear Leader would know if you didn't pay proper respect to the glories of the Homeland, and he...
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The Recruiter (A Thriller), by Dani Amore"Move over, James Patterson. ? Dani Amore has arrived."

"A superb new thriller, a tour de force..."

What would happen if a military recruiter refused to take no for an answer?

In this gripping thriller, Samuel Ackerman has one dream: to become a Navy SEAL. But after dropping out of the legendary unit's training program known as Hell Week, he is forced to become a recruiter in his small hometown. In order to earn a return trip to SEAL training, he must have a successful turn as a recruiter. As he soon proves, he will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

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The Missing Comatose Woman, by Sarah EttritchPrivate eye Casey Cook lands her first case, and it's a doozy: find a missing comatose woman. Eager to prove herself, Casey does whatever it takes to get answers, from pretending to be pregnant to fawning over a hairless cat.

As she runs into one dead end after another, Casey wonders whether she should have left her retail job. Determined to show that she can do the PI thing, Casey refuses to give up, chases down every lead, and snags herself a girlfriend along the way....
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Odyssey through HELL Exit, Push here: X Reengineering strategies for business, personal and spirit; an autobiographical chronicle, by M. Yero MorrisThis story is meant to inspire and assist everyone who wants to be helped in finding your way out of Hell; Anyone who is and has been in a tough place in business and in life.
In his quest to find the proverbial Pot of Gold, he found himself a much richer man. This is after all a family owned business story at its core; it includes elements of strategy, innovation, tactics, espionage, family, misery, hope, fear, arrogance, bonding, exile, betrayals, greed, war, inner-peace, life, death, spirituality, happiness, and selfless help.

The author wishing to share with the rest of the world his experience, to help as many people and businesses alike that could be in a situation like the one he went through. His desire is to save wh...
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Sound of Secrets, by Darlene GardnerAn original publication


Is he reaching out from the grave to ask her to solve the mystery of his death? A romantic mystery with ghostly overtones.

Cara Donnelly is sure she's never visited the sleepy Florida town of Secret Sound. So why does the very name ring a haunting bell? Why does so much of the scenery look familiar? Most importantly, why does she see a little boy get hit by a car thirty years after the incident happened?

Cara wants to get out of town fast after experiencing the strange vision despite the connection she feels to police chief Gray DeBerg. Her panic attacks are increasing along with her nightmares about an attacking eagle. The townspeople, including Gray, resent Cara ...
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Love Lies Bleeding (#8 in Rafferty & Llewellyn British Police Procedurals), by Geraldine EvansLOVE LIES BLEEDING

'This cleverly-plotted tale has plenty of humour. It's another page-turner from Geraldine Evans and is crime writing at its best. A must for all lovers of the genre.'

For lovers of cozies and procedurals

DI Joe Rafferty, working-class lapsed Catholic, is cursed by coming from a family who think - if he must be a copper- he might at least have the decency to be a bent one. When you add the middle-class, moralistic intellectual DS Dafyd Llewellyn to ...
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Gemini of Emreiana, by Kristen DaRayMy entire life has been a lie: My parents didn't die in a car accident. They're not even dead. I'm not American. I'm not even human. I have strange powers, and I'm the heir to the throne of the planet Emreiana.

If I take the crown, I have to leave behind everything I have known here on Earth. I would have to say goodbye to my friends and leave behind Kyle, the boy I've loved since I was five. If I don't, then I risk the Bremoir finding me here on Earth and destroying everything I love....
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Always and Forever (Secrets of Shadow Hill), by S. P. CervantesTwin sisters Ava and Hannah were ripped from their peaceful seeming lives into a whirlwind of attacks and war only to learn the real truth about their existence.
Nothing was as it seemed anymore and may never be again. They had already lost their father in childhood now they have to cope with their mother's kidnapping as they watch those sworn to protect them risk their lives....
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FOUR'S A CROWD, by Maria BradleyJack didn't have a good start in life. At 17 he is homeless, mixed up with the evil drug dealer known as Ger and living in a world where he doesn't belong. Enter; Chairman, the charismatic and fun-loving tramp with a swanky, up-town accent who hasn't a clue who he is! After rescuing the spirited gypsy girl, Sky from an attempted abduction they are plunged into a murder mystery and adventure beyond their imagination! While unravelling Chairman's forgotten life and searching for Sky's lost mother, Jack reveals his incredible gifts. Sky discovers her photographic memory and Chairman's real identity involves them with a narcissistic neuroscientist intent on splitting everyone's soul and controlling the minds of everyone he experiments o...
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A Gluten Free Soup Opera (Gluten Free/Wheat Free Cookbook No 2), by Sibel HodgeWhether you're looking for a tasty starter, a light lunch, or a hearty dinner, there's nothing quite like a nutritious bowl of soup. In the second book from Sibel Hodge's gluten free cookbook series, A Gluten Free Soup Opera takes you on an international culinary journey, bringing you a delicious bowl of goodness for any occasion. All of the 30 recipes included are gluten and wheat free, and most also have dairy free and vegetarian/vegan options included.

Looking for a Christmas Day starter' Try Festive Chestnut Soup. If you're running low on time, Butter Bean and Pancetta Soup or Greek Pork and Lemon Soup will take 20 minutes to cook. For a filling dinner, Rustic Leek and Potato or Hearty Lamb and Green Bean Soup fits ...
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The Singing Bobcat: A Humorous Picture Book for Kids 4-8 Years Old (The Tree Series), by Marie TablerThe Singing Bobcat is a humorous children's picture book about an abandoned baby bobcat, named Bing, who is raised by a flock of bluebirds. They feed him bugs, worms and seeds and, of course, teach him to sing! After a wonderful summer together, the flock must leave Bing to fly south for the winter. Find out how Bing adapts in this warm tale of compassion, friendship and accepting change. This is the third book in The Tree Series and while the books are great to read together, each one stands alone as a complete story. Delightful illustrations bring giggles and compliment this fun book for kids! Great for 4-8 year olds. Click the "Show More" link below to see inside.
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Black Sheep: Letting go of the Past (Black Sheep Trilogy #1), by Kia Zi ShiruBlack Sheep: Letting go of the Past is the first novella in the Black Sheep Trilogy. The last novella got released on 3 April and concludes Vic's search for happiness.

Trying to rescue her son from a destructive environment, where the end of his last relationship almost ended in tragedy, Vic's mother decides to move them all to a new town. Vic, glad at being able to start anew, takes the chance to create an image that would make his last two years of high school a lot easier.

But that plan is sabotaged when his new best friend, Jack, kisses him on New Year's Eve, something Vic has been longing for and dreading in equal measure. Vic knows being gay in high school can be hell, and he's scared sweet and inno...
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Godspeed: a love story, by Dan ChabotWhen Derry and Amedee's love affair ends in tragedy, Derry descends into an abyss of remorse and despair. In his overpowering grief, this tormented newspaperman embarks on an obsessive crusade for redemption, a tender quest that eventually will lead him to peace
of mind, and to someone who will help him build a new life from the ashes of the past. And as Godspeed and its astonishing twists unfold, a poignant question lingers: How can a lie be wrong when it makes so many people feel so good?...
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