It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
The Rat Collector (Age of End Book 1), by Chris Yee

In pursuit of an old friend, wanderer Vince Vigo stumbles upon Snow Peak, a small mountain village. When villagers start to go missing, Vince must convince the others that Saul Shepherd, once his best friend, is an extremely dangerous foe. Delving deep into his childhood, Vince explores memories of his complex relationship with Saul, and recalls the mysterious man who changed both of their lives forever. After two hundred years, Vince must finally confront Saul. But can he bring himself to kill his only friend?

For a sprawling adventure with elements of science fiction and mystery, purchase The Rat Collector today.

The Rat Collector is the first of three books...
Melt With You (A Totally '80s Romance Book 1), by Addison Moore
September 1984 Junior year is really shaping up to be something. After three years of trying, I finally made the cheer squad. And on the last day of summer practice the demigod of Glen Heights High, Joel Effing Miller, finally notices me-right after he runs me over and lands my leg in a cast. Yeah, junior year is really shaping up to be something. I swear I didn't see her. But I'm making it up to her every way I can. I'm driving her to school, helping her to all of her classes. I've never met anyone so down to earth-a girl who actually likes the things I like.

Melissa Malinowski is a breath of fresh air. I can't stop thinking about her. I swear I didn't see her, but I should have. Melissa is too beautiful to mi...
Drab to Sex Goddess in 365 Days, by Ann M Pratley
Sarah. A wife and mother questioning her level of contentment in life. What starts out as a simple idea to get out of the house and active after years of physical and emotional neglect to herself, results in Sarah embarking on a year long journey that not only expands and pushes her body and her mind, but also, through an online dating site, provides her with the chance to explore the depths of her sexuality and sensuality as a woman, and go in directions that even she had never even imagined would be possible for her. Read her journal of her thoughts, actions and experiences as she moves forward through her year of change...
Murder On The Oceania (A Cruise Ship Cozy Mystery - Book 1), by Elizabeth Martin
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"Murder On The Oceania" is Book 1 in A Cruise Ship Cozy Mystery Series.

A cute and light cozy mystery for when you are looking for a not too serious short-read.

This is the second edition which has been recently rewritten, edited and offensive words removed. A very enjoyable read.

Kendra Phillips is living the dream. She works in a luxury cruise ship as a catering director, gets to travel to international destinations, and experiences food from around the world on a daily basis. After years of working in the hotel industry, she feels right at home in Golden Circle Cruise Liner.

That is, until the cruise is shaken up with a death at sea.

A Haunted Invitation (A Lin Coffin Mystery Book 5), by J A Whiting
This is book 5 in the Lin Coffin series. Although the main mystery is solved in each story, the books should be read in order for the most enjoyment as story lines run from book to book.
Lin Coffin has been hired to landscape the front garden of an old Nantucket mansion. The owner of the home complains that workers are making noise late at night just outside her window, but no one else ever sees these men.
While Lin and her cousin, Viv, with the help of several others, work to solve the mystery of the strange late-night disturbances, a ghost appears and asks Lin for her help.
This story has ghosts and some mild paranormal elements....
When Garry's mother dies, he's devastated. It's not only her death, but her last words to him. He embarks on a search to uncover the truth. What follows is a dangerous journey. A journey full of unforeseen pitfalls, which could ultimately put both his life, and the lives of his whole family in jeopardy....
The Dark Garden: A Bobby Owen Mystery, by E.R. Punshon
Late in the afternoon a man, unidentified, had been seen to throw a glove into the Midwych, Wychshire and Southern Canal…
Osman Ford said he would kill the lawyer Mr. Anderson. So when the latter is found dead, with a bullet in the back, the disagreeable Mr. Ford is top suspect. But the lawyer's office was also a cauldron of repressed feelings, and not all the staff are sorry to see the lawyer's demise. In particular, Inspector Bobby Owen fears the dark, brooding clerk Anne Earle. Will her quest for justice lead her to a terrible fate of her own, amid family secrets and lies? The novel combines a satisfying whodunit with elements of the fantastic and macabre, and contains some of Punshon's best set-pieces.
Her Dangerous Visions (The Boy and the Beast Book 1), by Brandon Barr
The Beasts threaten to conquer the portals that exist on every world, and only a farm girl named Winter is given the power to stop them.

Fierce, soulful, and sensual, Her Dangerous Visions combines the shocking and the spiritual.

On the world of Loam, all who try to escape the farmland are put to death. As Winter's family plans their escape, disturbing visions plague her mind. As a child, she was made a Seer by the gods, but now as a young woman, she must either cower away from the terrifying visions of the future, or face them head on and dare to put her life in peril.

On the world of Hearth, Nightmares crawl out of the East to devour entire villages. Meluscia is eager to stop ...