It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
SHOWING OFF, by Louise T W Lucas

Lorie Pettigrew is putting on a fashion show in the hope of generating interest in her bijou boutique. Profits have been steadily waning over recent months and endless talk of austerity measures hasn't helped the situation. The business needs some savvy promotion. A fund raising show would certainly draw attention to the shop and could secure valuable local press coverage. However, the woman who runs the theater hired for the event is strangely hostile to the whole idea. Models prove harder to handle than expected, whilst love, lust, massive ego's and a gorgeous local scaffolder, threaten to thwart the pre-show preparations. There's a lot to organize and a fair amount that could go wrong. Will it be all right on the night, or will Lo...
True Soulmate, by Isabella Bogart
"Only the forgotten are truly dead."
― Tess Gerritsen, The Sinner

Jenny Stewart returns differently after being comatose due to a car accident. Her physical injuries healed and her wounds closed - but another aspect of her opens. After coming back from oblivion, Jenny can now see ghosts…and they are not going to leave her alone anytime soon. Jenny moves down from Washington to Florida to stay with her spinster aunt who wants nothing to do with her.
Mark Ryan is still grieving over his dead girlfriend, Leah. He tries to continue living but then he meets this new girl in school who is the spitting image of Leah. Mark befriends Jenny to satisfy his curiosity about her, but when sinister, menacing occurrences...
What My Eyes Can't See: An Urban Love Story, by Mocha Lovan
Taking after his estranged father by never committing to one woman. Rich athlete turned D-boy, Shayvon learns that even a cold hearted player like himself can have his heart warmed and his world turned upside down by a beautiful woman. At first sight, Shayvon's heart is whisked away by Sacaria's beauty and he's eventually entranced by her love making skills.

All is perfect until Shayvon's boys, Q'Mari and Todd warn him that Sacaria and her new friends Taniyah and Erica might be up to no good. Shayvon puts a strain on their bond when he does not take heed to the warning. Meanwhile, someone sinister and disguised has returned from Shayvon's past and into his pants. Unbeknown to Sacaria her beautiful, boushie, big boo...
Stress Fractures, by Cathleen Maza
Conflict. How do we experience and allow it to affect our lives? This eighteen story collection by author Cathleen Maza explores living, loving, and loss through an engaging array of fictional characters. Each story is a powerful journey into the places we all eventually travel in our lives. Beautifully written and emotionally honest, "Stress Fractures" provides a rare window into the life events that we all share....
Life in Shadows, by Elliott Kay
All it takes is a single brush with the supernatural to change a life forever.

Some choose the path of magic and shadow willingly. Others never see the hand of magic as it shapes their fortunes. They face the extraordinary with nothing but courage and wits to guide them. Some mortals become trapped in the conflict between angels and demons and find themselves forever changed.

For all too many, the shadows lead only to an untimely end. For some, however, the shadows offer seductive experiences that draw the newcomer further in…

Life in Shadows collects four stories set in the world of Good Intentions, where one encounter with sorcerers, demons, or a foul-mouthed servant of Heaven is all it takes to tu...
EMP CARAVAN, by Mike Whitworth
Stranded 1,500 miles from home by an EMP, Wayne forms a trading caravan to travel east from New Mexico to Indiana and try to get home to his family who he has had no word from since the EMP.

To survive he must fight off the mysterious Stinks and discover who, or what, is behind them. If he fails, the entire caravan, and his family, will die. Complicating matters, Wayne must also choose between love and duty.

Wayne's major ally is Yeti, a fifteen-year-old giant of a boy he adopted right after the EMP. Yeti, an orphan, wants to keep the family he has found alive and win the heart of a special girl. Yeti, like Wayne, is willing to give his life to protect the caravan and those he loves.

This is the sec...
Unbound, by
Not bound, as a book. Free.

Like Unfettered before it, the contributing writers of Unbound were allowed to submit the tales they wished fans of genre to read-without the constraints of a shackling theme.

The result is magical. Twenty-three all-original stories are sure to captivate you-some will move you to tears while others will keep you turning the pages long into the night. The power of Unbound lies in its variety of tales and the voices behind them. If you are a fan of discovering new writers or reading the works of beloved authors, Unbound is for you.

Return to Landover with Terry Brooks. Go to trial with Harry Dresden and Jim Butcher. Enter the Citadel and become remade with Rachel Caine. S...
London Fog: The Biography, by Christine L. Corton
The classic London fogs-thick yellow "pea-soupers"-were born in the industrial age and remained a feature of cold, windless winter days until clean air legislation in the 1960s. Christine L. Corton tells the story of these epic London fogs, their dangers and beauty, and the lasting effects on our culture and imagination of these urban spectacles....