It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
Weeping Willow and the Dandelion Queen, by Kim Snyder
In her teen years Willow is tormented by visions and by the knowledge that she feels powerless to share. Her instincts cultivated at an early age, by misquided loved ones labeling her as ADD and OCD, cause her to harness the thoughts that set her mind traveling. Most of her world is a secret. Tortured by her inability to act upon her visions, she retreats deeper into isolation and depression fearing that revealing what she knows will bring ridicule upon her family and cost her the loss of the young man she has loved since childhood. Nightly visitations pressure Willow to share what she has seen. "Tell no one," her grandmother warns.
Dandelion Queen meets Weeping Willow, by Kim Snyder
A child's kindness can change the world around them.

Read aloud with younger children and create an atmosphere where you can guide the human-kindness conversation. Are children born kindhearted? The Dandelion Queen thinks kindness can be taught, kindness can be learned. Share with your children the wisdom of the Dandelion Queen.

Follow Willow as she struggles to please parents and teachers by focusing her wandering thoughts, only to find that she is quite perfect just the way she is. What makes her different, is what draws the Queen to her. Her differences help her to see in a way no others can, helping Willow to become a kinder person and make the world a better place!

In a world unseen by humans, li...
Retribution (Murder in the Lowcountry Book 2), by Janet Cooper
Who in this charming Lowcountry town would murder an old man half in the grave? And why William, who was known for helping everyone? Using Sheriff LeRoy Trotz's favorite theme, 'follow the money' the investigation narrows. With the help of Brenda Mattell, Chief of Security of the retirement community, the list grows shorter, but evidence to convict remains elusive....
Commodities: 50 Things You Really Need To Know, by Peter Sainsbury
"In this building, it's either kill or be killed. You make no friends in the pits and you take no prisoners. One minute you're up half a million in soybeans and the next, boom, your kids don't go to college and they've repossessed your Bentley. Are you with me?"

Louis Winthorpe III (aka Dan Aykroyd), Trading Places

Commodity markets can provide the basis for a Hollywood movie, be the spark that ignites revolutions, engender fear of shortages in business and within government, force us into making difficult choices about how we spend our money and inspire innovators to come up with better, cheaper ways of doing things.

Whether you are involved in producing commodities, b...
Trading Strategy 101: Disciplined Trading: 21 Trading Rules You Should Know...And How To Make Profits With Them (Stock Trading Stock Investing), by Steve Ryan
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Trading Strategy 101 & 102 are your most efficient methods to be consistently profitable trading and investing without having to deal with complicated financial jargon.

Close your eyes and recall the last investment you made!
Did you invest using your gut or your brain?

The market moves only two ways.

Up or down.

Why do most people lose money investing in the market?

The staggering statistic shows 85% of people lost their capital within 2 years and quit the market.

85%! Isn't that too high?

WHY this book
Is the market r...
THE BELIEF IN Angels: Adapted for Young Adults, by J. Dylan Yates
*** 2015 IPPY AWARD Winner ****** 2015 KINDLE BOOK AWARD Finalist ***

A raw and haunting, coming-of-age novel about a courageous, young girl and her grandfather who share tragedy, unique survival skills and a divine intervention.Growing up in her parents' crazy hippie household on a tiny island off the coast of Boston, Jules's imaginative sense of humor is the weapon she wields as a defense against the chaos of her family's household. Somewhere between routine discipline with horsewhips, gun-waving gambling debt collectors, and LSD-laced breakfast cereal adventures, tragedy strikes a blow from which Jules may never recover.
Jules's ...
Sometimes We Ran 3: Rescue, by Stephen Drivick
Five years have passed since the zombie apocalypse swept across the world. The remnants of humanity struggle to survive against Red-Eye, man-eating monsters that hide among the ruins of civilization.

The survivors of Cannon Fields live behind their high iron fences and sturdy gate growing food, raising their children, and try to keep out the horrors of the outside world - living and dead. They hope for a day when fences and gates aren't needed anymore and someone puts the world back together.

During a trade mission, John Linder and his best friend Claire, cross paths with a stranger on a noisy motorcycle. He proposes an exchange - vital medicine for help in getting his friends to safety. The trip will be risky. The...
Reason to Wed (The Distinguished Rogues Book 7), by Heather Boyd
Richard Hill, the Earl of Windermere, might desperately require a wife and heir, but thoughts of duty fly from his mind when he rescues Esme, Lady Heathcote, from the embarrassment of a failed affair. They usually never agree about anything. He's never even kissed the vexing widow. But when the opportunity arises to whisk her away for a no-strings-attached rendezvous, Richard can't imagine a better way to spend a moonlit evening.

Esme has never lacked for admirers, but having Lord Windermere's company goes a long way to ease the pain of losing her suddenly betrothed lover. And when Windermere suggests an affair, Esme is intrigued by the blazing-hot connection even while knowing their relationship has no future beyond his...