It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
Stellar Bliss One: A Journey Of The Dreamers, by Jedaiah Ramnarine
Discover A New SciFi Romance That Will Blow Your Mind

Set in a forbidden world where the truth is confidential and all is not what it seems. A brave, daring drifter code-named J finds himself sick and tired of the force-fed routine in his perfect town of Quietville.

When he encounters a strange telepathic girl code-named C during his escape, their world becomes disillusioned, filled with danger at every corner as they come too close to uncovering the behind-the-scenes cover up that controls their world.

Will they break free of the bonds that chain them to this endless, bounded dream or will they remain nothing more than silent, hopeful sleepers?

Just What The Heck is Stellar Bliss ...
A Second Helping, by Andria Gaskins
With honesty and humor, this modern-day romance captures the joys and frustrations of starting over and falling in love for the second time. A heartwarming story that concludes with a few tempting recipes that guide this old-school love affair.

Michelle Taylor knows what it's like to be cheated on. And following the death of her best friend, she was ready to change her life. She returned to her maiden name, sold her specialty food store and moved back home with her boys. A chance encounter at a local BBQ restaurant lands her the perfect contractor to revive an old farmhouse she purchased during her divorce. Not only is he qualified for the job, he's the first man in a long time to make her feel good about herself. But when he...
Rosette: A Novel of Pioneer Michigan, by Cindy Rinaman Marsch
Why did she edit her wedding-day journal?

Almost-spinster schoolteacher Rosette Cordelia Ramsdell married Otis Churchill on a Michigan farm in 1857. Her real-life journal recounts two years of homesteading, history hints at the next six decades, and the novel explores the truth. We meet Rosette in 1888 as she revises the wedding-day page of her journal. In lush detail, in the voices of Rosette and others, the novel traces how we both choose and suffer our destiny, how hopes come to naught and sometimes rise from the wreckage.
Dead, Wired and Online (Dead Wired Book 1), by P. Joseph Cherubino
The zombie apocalypse will not be televised. You won't even see it coming.

Two hotel maintenance men, a veteran turned paramedic, a crooked cop and an angry computer scientist are all who stand in the way of a zombie pandemic. These five strangers are thrown together in their escape from the zombie hoards only they can see.

Mysterious, slimy creatures with telepathic powers help the group survive. The strange beings are their only allies against zombies that are animated by computer technology and propelled by a desire for human flesh.

The strangers might survive if only they can stand together long enough. If they can do that, they just might figure out how to save the world. In the meantime, only ...
ARIA: Left Luggage, by Nelder Geoff
"You must buy ARIA because it is the ONLY book with infectious amnesia. You need this book to solve the question what is the most important thing we treasure in our minds? See the fictional infectious amnesia before it happens to you!"

ARIA: Alien Retrograde Infectious Amnesia

Today, Jack caught a bug at work. He catches a bus home. By the time he disembarks in the desert town of Rosamond, all the other passengers and the driver have fuzzy heads. Jack had caught an amnesia bug, and it's infectious.

Imagine the ramifications:

The passengers arrive home, infecting family; some shop en route infecting everyone they meet. The bus driver receiv...
Neiko's Five Land Adventure, by A.K. Taylor
Winner of the 2012 Indie Reader Approved Award

Nominated as "A Great Book for Kids" by fantasy and science fiction reviewer CC Cole

"Plenty of action and inspired imagination."~Wulfstan Top 100 Reviewer
"From the first word, Taylor delivers a fresh, vibrant tale of two different worlds."
~Steven Knight Book review and author of "Born of Blood"
"An imaginative journey that is that is much of an adventure for the reader as it is for Neiko."
~CC Cole Book Reviewer and author of the Gastar Series<...
Escape From Ancient Egypt (The Neiko Adventure Series Book 2), by A. K. Taylor
Finalist: Wisebear Digital Book AwardsWinner of the Bronze Medal Award and Best in YA Historical Fantasy in the 2013 Wisebear Book Awards!Winner of the UP Authors Approved Award for the 2013 Fiction Challenge!
Praise for Escape from Ancient Egypt:

"Neiko has the potential for becoming a literary role model for young girls. The Escape From Ancient Egypt storyline is good conceptually with lots of action and we did find ourselves anxiously wanting to know how the author resolved Neiko's dilemna. Taylor also does a nice job of drawing the reader into the fictional world of ancient Egypt literally with her fantastic artwork interspersed throughout the novel."</...
The Greatest Story Ever Told - Take Two, by Rebe James
Understanding comes from knowing; Wisdom comes from understanding; Salvation comes when we wake up and know the truth.

Born in 26 BCE, Princess Miriam bat Helios is an Aaronite priestess, who wants nothing more than to minister to those in need in the troubled times within the region of Galilee. To accomplish this, Miriam convinces her bodyguard to allow her to venture out disguised as a young waif.

Yosef Cu Cuileann of Arimathea is the Crown Prince of Ireland, and the ranking Davidian Prince of Judaea. He is protected by the zealot, Judas ben Hezekiah. The Greatest Story Ever Told - Take Two, is the story of these two prominent figures, and the explosive relationships they forge in their quest to teach and help man...