It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
Becoming Prince Charming: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Turning Into the Man of Every Girl's Dream, by Markus A. Kassel
Is Your Love Life the Emotional Equivalent of a Desert? Do You Want to Learn How to Meet Women and Charm Them? How to Become the Kind of Guy Every Girl Dream of?
How different your life would be if you had the skills to seduce any woman? If you were so irresistible that they would literally be fighting for you?
The problem with most dating books is that they rarely address the REAL issue. They either tell you what to say or how to behave in company of ladies but it seldom works out. When having summoned enough courage, you finally regurgitate those lines you learned, it comes off totally wrong and you get the door slammed in your face.

Most dating met...
Missing Girls: In Truth Is Justice, by Larry Crane
In this compelling thriller, Larry Crane takes readers back in history, weaving together the stories of two abducted girls-one factual, one fictional-as a framework to explore questions of truth, justice, character flaws, and marriage.

After a stranger abducts Marcella and Gavin's young daughter, Hannah, on her way to school, the couple struggles not only with the horror of her loss, but also with their utter helplessness. They hire a private detective and try to get on with their lives-moving halfway across the country to New Jersey in search of a new start.

Once in New Jersey, however, Marcella becomes obsessed with the infamous Edgar Smith, accused of murdering a young girl-and with f...
Small Business Big Pressure: A Faith-Based Approach to Guide the Ambitious Entrepreneur (Morgan James Faith), by Darryl W. Lyons
"The daily roller coaster for an entrepreneur can include both terror and exhilaration. Small Business Big Pressure reminds us success does not come from luck, wishes, or dreams, but from careful planning directed by godly wisdom."

Dan Miller, New York Times best-selling author of 48 Days to the Work You Love

Your small business is controlling you; take back what you rightfully own.

Small businesses make our country great. However, the challenges facing entrepreneurs and small business owners can be overwhelming. Business schools don't prepare owners for the real world. As a result, entrepreneurs may experience worry, pressure, and confusion. It is then just a matter of time before the entrepreneur suffers a breakdow...

Southern Comfort (****** Tonk Angels Book 1), by Ciana Stone
"A page turner! I couldn't put it down. Ciana has a way of weaving a tale that leaves you spellbound. Sweet, Funny, and a Splash of Danger! Definitely a story you can get lost in." Candid Book Reviews

A man hiding from his past and a woman running from hers.

Two people from different worlds who know one another only from what they have shared with one another in Facebook messages. They've never heard the other's voice, or seen a photo.

Analise Becke writes romance with western heroes, men she has dreamed up by combining the looks of her favorite western actor with the qualities she discovers in her online chats with the Texas rancher, Riley Morgan. She's cooked up more t...
Invader Within: Year One of the War (Sky Knights Book 2), by Cathleen Maza
Author Cathleen Maza continues the adventures of the Sky Knights in the second book of this epic series.

A year ago, Sync Harris and his friends were able to uncover and escape a plot that would have ignited a full scale war. But their discovery set off a chain of events that now has everyone convinced of a traitor in their midst. If there really is a Sky Knight who can't be trusted, then nobody is safe as the inevitable war begins to escalate around them....
Black Heart UNHINGED: Book One, by Emily Grace
Berlin McKitrick was an adrenaline junkie. She loved a good roping horse that could blow out of a box, chase down a calf, and stop on a dime. Her little GT was just as exciting. Berlin was widowed, and had everything anyone could hope for, until she stopped sleeping and talking. Her daughter, her only child, doesn't call or come by to check on her, she hires an attorney to get a hold of the estate, and wants her mother institutionalized. The last doctor she visits, is given medical guardianship. He sends her out of state and places her in the hands of a former Navy SEAL. Will he kill her and let her daughter have it all?...
Fast Metabolism Diet: In A Nutshell...But Not Until Phase 3; How To Eat Deliciously And Lose Weight (Lose Weight Fast, Healthy Weight Loss, Weight Loss Program), by Liam McGonigal
"Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach." - Tony Robbins
#1 New York Times bestseller, The Fast Metabolism Diet by Haylie Pomroy and Eve Adamson, will not only help you lose weight fast but correct and repair dysfunctional metabolic processes. This particular way of eating will get your body burning food as fuel rather than storing it as fat. This book will lay out the weight loss plan and more.
They call her "the metabolism whisperer", Haylie Pomroy has helped many lose up to 20 pounds in 4 weeks, and she can help you too.
- You'll feel better than you have in a long time
- You'll fire up your beat down metabolism, launching it to fat-burning status
- You'll enjoy food ag...
An Earl's Guide to Catch a Lady, by Tanya Wilde

And being outwitted by fate will not deter her!

But even she has to admit that waking up in the bed of a stranger with no memory might be a tiny wrinkle in her otherwise grand plan. Was he a peasant? A gunman? Perhaps a duke? Or was he just a figment of her imagination? Evelyn wasn't about to lurk around and find out. But she will soon learn the mysterious stranger was a force much larger than fate to be reckoned with and he has set his sight firmly on her.