It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!

Peter Stone, by Alison Knight
Peter Stone seems like an ordinary man, but he's harbouring a dark secret.
Why must he suddenly return to England, following a mysterious phone call in the middle of the night? His partner Martha suspects there's another woman. The truth is worse than she could ever have imagined.
And Peter's not the only one with a secret.
Unfolding across different times and different places, Peter Stone explores the burden of the past and the complexity and fragility of human relationships.
Ringing in a New Year, by J.K. Norry
Working outside the system isn't always easy.
For as long as he can't remember, Ring has lived to patch the system's errors. Like other ringers, he takes over lives and changes their direction. Also like other ringers, he forgets everything that happens to him in one body as soon as he takes over another.
Unlike other ringers, he isn't so clear on the rules.
Ring has no problem ending lives, even if he has to do it with his bare hands. His problem is with authority, and knowing that he has to take a life he doesn't want to see end. As the new year draws closer, Ring wrestles with the responsibility he must fulfill and the thought of losing all memory of his new friendship.
Most of all, he wrestles with the thought of...
The Sweetest One (Paul Kingston Music Mystery Series Book 1), by Stephen L. Moss
Bass guitarist Paul Kingston didn't kill his old friend Billy Reno. But the cops say he did, and he's got no alibi. He's about to start the biggest recording gig he's landed in years, and now he's wanted by the law.

Hounded by an overzealous police detective, stalked by a crazy homeless girl who claims Billy sent her, and struggling to make the recording sessions that can pull his music career out of limbo, can Paul find the real killer before the cops haul him away?
Forex: How to Quickly Lose a Lot: Real stories from TradeFloor. The ultimate guide to markets. Read this before you invest, by Simon Kostrava
Nowadays, you see so many advertisements for forex and equity trading platforms as never before. A new global multibillion dollar market is rising up. And it is aimed at you. It looks easy to invest and make a profit. Likewise, living the life of freelancer who does not need to work, because your money works instead of you. You just sit in front of a notebook, a tablet or even a mobile device, then click and earn. Never was it so easy to buy and sell different currencies, stocks or commodities. You do not even need a lot of money, or money at all. Leverage is king these days. And leverage is also the start of your fall.

But do not fool yourself. I have encountered a lot of young people who believe they can earn just by investing...
Ruff-Housed (Doodlebugged Mysteries Book 5), by Susan J. Kroupa
Sit. Stay. Be Polite with Strangers. What could be easier?

That's what Doodle thinks when Molly signs him up to take the Canine Good Citizen Test at the annual DogDays Fair. Compared to the certifications he has to pass for his job as a bed-bug sniffer dog for the "boss," Molly's father, this should be simple.

But the test turns out to be no walk (or sit) in the park. Did he miss the memo about the explosions? And the stolen pets?

While Molly and her friends investigate, another dog disappears, with repercussions that threaten the bonds of an entire family.

Throw in a bullying neighbor and a chase across a squirrel-infested park near the White House, and Doodle begins to wonder if he and ...
Project SNOW: A Science Fiction Fairy Tale, by Cherita Smith
Snow White meets genetic engineering in this captivating, stylish blend of science fiction and fairy tale that will hook you from the very first line.

Like most engineered kids, Amara can't wait to turn sixteen. Sixteen means confirmation of immunity to the aging infection that plagues mankind. And confirmation means freedom, leaving behind the quarantine of the Tower where she's lived all her life for a new life in the city - no filtration veils required.

But the queen has other plans. The queen is dying and needs a new heart. Daughter or not, Amara's will do.

❝What a brilliant world you've built. Echoes of Margaret Atwood and a sci-fi blend that feels authentic. Fantastic!❞ -a reader...
Chaos (un)Controlled, by Tael
Self-contained Rixa Storms can't wait to escape from beneath the pressure of her mother's religious, controlling thumb. With college in her sights on the horizon, freedom seems to arrive early with a special opportunity to learn a unique power in a world called University Heights. But that portrait of 'freedom' is shattered when she uncovers the oppressive skeletons the school works hard to keep buried. And as the real and surreal worlds collide and the pressure unravels her, she realizes she may need to reassess what is truly shackling her, or risk being consumed by her awakened abilities....
Cruising the Atlantic: Our Epic Journey from Barcelona to Miami, by Sunny Lockwood
One mega ship. Two mature travelers. Fourteen days cruising from Barcelona to Miami.

If you've ever wondered what it's like to cruise across the Atlantic Ocean with more than 4,000 passengers, this travel memoir is for you. It answers questions like: Are the crowds crushing? Is the food boring? Is the experience a "get me outta here" nightmare or a dream-come-true adventure?

The warm, personal, often humorous observations of Sunny and Al Lockwood will introduce you to colorful characters, enchanting sunsets, and authentic experiences that will stay with you long after you've finished reading.

At the time of their sailing, Norwegian Cruise Line's 19-deck Epic was the third largest cruise ship in t...