It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
Code Name Stinger, by Harvey Gomberg
By the end of 1969, the most devastating Biochemical Weapon the world had ever known was built and a terrorist cell, secreted inside the United States, had it. Gene Harrison, a college student, was recruited by a government black opps unit to find the terrorist group involved. Harrison ultimately infiltrated the terrorists group and recovered the weapon, burying it on a small mountain in the Mohave Desert to await final destruction by a hazmat team. After being caught, tortured and barely escaping with his life, Harrison left the agency to start living a "normal" life running an insurance agency..
On a dark night, twenty years later, a shadowy phone call returns his past and all its horror.
"You took something from me and ...
Hide and Seek, by Michael Zolezzi
There are certain criminal cases that are talked about generations after the investigation is closed.

They are biopsied, broken down, with every move by the detective analyzed. These cases can make legends or goats out of the investigators.

In Hide and Seek, such a case lands in Detective Jake Skinner and his partner, Detective Dan Rico's, laps. Having just transferred from South Bureau Homicide, Jake thought taking down an armed bank robber on his first day was as wild as the RHD ride got. He was wrong.

The kidnapping of the wife of the mayor of Los Angeles, who also happens to be a federal prosecutor threatens the core of one of the world's most famous cities. An internal power struggle, false l...
The GingerBread House, by James Richard
Set in a small town during the 1900's, The Gingerbread House is a romance/mystery grounded in nostalgia, mirth, and true love. When a journalist comes home from Europe to take over the town newspaper from his sister, he becomes infatuated with the local people and their stories. From an orphaned young girl to a threatening politician to a mysterious and beautiful woman, each individual has a tale to tell in this anthology of brief yet captivating fictional vignettes, each of which rings all too familiar. The Gingerbread House is very much like gingerbread itself - just as tasty whether one delves into it a bit at a time or all at once
SEX for FUN, by Charlotte Symonds
Sex with a stranger? Might just be what Olivia needs. But, can she pull off a one-night stand? She had it all…brains, beauty, a rewarding nursing career, a fiancé and devoted friends. Then life happened. With her broken engagement and Olivia nearing the Big Three-O, she needed something. But what? Her best friend, Jude, was convinced a one-night stand was the solution.
While contemplating the possibility of sex with a total stranger, Olivia meets Graham, an Adonis, possessing captivating lightning-blue eyes, an amazingly exquisite physique and a delicious smile. This businessman from Pottsville, PA, merely visiting her city, could be the perfect candidate. Her sexual attraction to him was raw and immediate. Should she...
WW1 at Sea: An Introduction to: WW1 at Sea, by James Tyrell
Images of World War I in the popular consciousness normally involve the bloody attrition of trench warfare, the miles of mud, the shattered earth, and tangled miles of barbed wire. However there was another significant arena of war - the battle for control of the sea.

In 1914 in the beginning of the wall, Britain's Maritime supremacy had remained unchallenged for around 100 years. Many expected another Battle of Trafalgar that advances in technology saw a very different kind of warfare with the widespread use of mines, submarines and torpedoes.

WW1 at Sea examines the events that led to war and the naval arms race between Britain and Germany. It traces the events of the war at sea, looking at the major battles ...
Finding Home: A Charlotte Island Story, by Jason Patrick
A Love so Strong It Won't Let Go!

After a bitter divorce Megan Sterling and her son Benji are starting a new life on Charlotte Island. Megan hopes that a new job, new school, and the slower pace of life on the island will be exactly what she and her son need to heal and move on.

Josh Ryan had moved to Charlotte Island five years earlier as a new recruit to the island's police department. He fell in love and planned to marry before his fiancée abruptly left him and broke his heart a year earlier. Josh's pain and sorrow has raised a struggle with past demons that now threaten to overtake him.

When former high school sweethearts Megan and Josh meet at a local coffee shop it ignites an old fl...
One Last Spell: Paranormal Witch Cozy Mystery & Romance, by Raven Snow
Zelda has sworn never to perform magic again. She's also sworn never to help solve a murder again -- last time she did both, disaster occurred. She's had it with magic, murder, and men.

She's happy with her life now, secluded on the mountainside in the small cozy town of Castlerock. No one bothers her and that's the way she likes it. But when her long lost best friend and police detective Jessica turns up on Zelda's doorstep one day everything changes. Jessica tells her there's been a murder in town and Zelda is the only one who can help.

Last time, things ended in disaster. Zelda's life and relationships were destroyed. Zelda however can't say no to her best friend, especially when she hears that the murder vic...
As I Saw It: A Sighted Daughter's Memoir of Growing Up With Blind Parents, by Laura Schriner
Life didn't always go as planned for both my mom and my dad. Their early lives were testaments to their strength and perseverance in spite of the challenges that life brought them. My dad especially had it pretty rough with all the tragedies that came up in his life. He had to learn what he had control over so he knew what he could change and what he really didn't have control over so he could make peace with it and move on. My mom seemed more at peace knowing the difference and took life in stride, going with the flow of things, and accepting what came along.

I think that is what made their relationship work -- their differences. Their backgrounds with blindness were different. My dad had seen a world without blind...