It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
UnCommon Origins: A Collection of Gods, Monsters, Nature, and Science (UnCommon Anthologies Book 2), by P.K. Tyler
UnCommon Origins presents 22 depictions of moments on the precipice, beginnings both beautiful and tragic. Fantastical stories of Creation, Feral Children, Gods and Goddesses (both holy and horrific), and possibilities you never dared imagine come to life.
Including stories from some of the most talented Speculative Fiction and Magical Realism authors around, UnCommon Origins will revisit the oldest questions in the universe:
Where did we come from?
What comes next?

The Hanging Gardens of Brooklyn by Rhoads Brazos
Aplanetary by Holly Heisey, Author
Glass Heart by Sacha Hope
Cultural Gleanings by Deanne Charlton
Fringling by J.D. Harpley - Astral Scribe
A Second Helping, by Andria Gaskins
With honesty and humor, this modern-day romance captures the joys and frustrations of starting over and falling in love for the second time. A heartwarming story that concludes with a few tempting recipes that guide this old-school love affair.

Michelle Taylor knows what it's like to be cheated on. And following the death of her best friend, she was ready to change her life. She returned to her maiden name, sold her specialty food store and moved back home with her boys. A chance encounter at a local BBQ restaurant lands her the perfect contractor to revive an old farmhouse she purchased during her divorce. Not only is he qualified for the job, he's the first man in a long time to make her feel good about herself. But when he...
Chasing Colt: An Anderson Brother Novel, by Kristin Coley
Colt's spent the past four years running from his family's betrayal and the daughter they kept secret from him. His dream of a pro football career has come to pass but nothing he does fills the emptiness inside of him. Until an accident during a blinding snowstorm requires him to be rescued by a surprising woman.

Sophie's only trying to get to her family's cabin when the snowstorm knocks her off course and directly in the path of the sexiest man she's ever seen. They're forced together during the duration of the storm and it would be a fantasy come true if only he wasn't so grumpy.

Trapped together during the storm, secrets are revealed and a bond is forged. But when reality comes knocking will the spark the...
Sometimes We Ran 3: Rescue, by Stephen Drivick
Five years have passed since the zombie apocalypse swept across the world. The remnants of humanity struggle to survive against Red-Eye, man-eating monsters that hide among the post-apocalyptic ruins of civilization.

The survivors of Cannon Fields live behind their high iron fences and sturdy gate growing food, raising their children, and try to keep out the horrors of the outside world - living and dead. They hope for a day when fences and gates aren't needed anymore and someone puts the world back together.

During a trade mission, John Linder and his best friend Claire, cross paths with a stranger on a noisy motorcycle. He proposes an exchange - vital medicine for help in getting his friends to safety. The trip w...
Stolen Prophet (The Prophet's Mother Book 1), by Julian M. Coleman
They aren't quite human.

Evie appears to be a single mother and small businesswoman. But she is much more than she appears. As a young girl, Evie fled a punitive cult when she was expected to take her mother's life during an elaborate ritual. Without her leadership the cult disbanded.

Eventually, she fell in love and gave birth to Victor. He grows up to become a gifted young boy. His classmates nickname him, Prophet. One afternoon while at school, young Victor is kidnapped.

Evie slips into an unendurable agony. She surrenders to her dark power and unleashes the fury of a wounded demigoddess. She traps the southern city in an icy hell as she creeps into the minds of the inhabitants. Madness and d...
SUCCUBUS: Demonic Duel (Paranormal Succubus Shifter Curse Menage ) (Threesome Fantasy Demon Short Stories), by Amanda Knight
This book will flush the blood from your face.
Includes FREE Bad Boys Collection Romance!
For a limited time only, this book includes another FREE collection romance!
Paige is fighting for her husband soul as a Demon appears before them and claims Conner's life.
Can Paige submit herself to a mind game and win a duel between her and the powerful demon in a contest.
But Paige has yet to realised who is the real monster...
This frighting novel is guaranteed to make your hands quake!

Demonic Duel is a short story frightning horror story.

Warning: This book contains Explicit content and is intended for adult eyes only!

About the author:...
Come Not When I Am Dead, by R.A. England
A timeless tale played against the backdrop of an idyllic rural England.

Gussie is working by the river when she comes across a dead body. But who is it and how did it get there? The story begins in rural Devon, late summer 2015 and then goes back in time to the spring to learn the events that led to the discovery of the corpse.

Gussie, you would think, lives rather a charmed life in the beautiful house left to her by her grandma. She is having a relationship with the (married) local vet Charlie, whom she is passionate about. She has a friend and lodger called Jo, and an honorary grandfather, Frank (who is also head of the local police).

Gussie and her lover Charlie spend their lives together in ...
Dicing with the Gods: Grug Smash Book 1 (Grug Smash Novels), by Sean McKenzie
Meet Grug Smash. Grug not so smart. Then Grug find magic amulet.

Grug Smash is a barbarian adventurer, and he's happy that way. He's lived his life one mission and one tankard of ale at a time, doing his best to live up to his name and smash as much as one barbarian can. When Grug stumbles upon a magical amulet that boosts intelligence, his simple world begins to fall apart. He realizes that his life, his identity, is little more than a poorly-written backstory, and the gods themselves may be playing games with actions and existence. As Grug's world crashes down around him, he must battle a sorcerer intent on ruling the world, wrestle with an inability to understand his past, and contend with the gods, who seem to have taken...