It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
Jesus vs. Santa: Christmas Misunderstood, by Jason E. Royle
Who influences our children more, Jesus or Santa? Is shunning Santa the Christian thing to do? Is Jesus alone enough to save us from the lure of Christmas? In this edition of The Misunderstood Series, the author takes a closer look at the predicament Christian parents find themselves in each December, when Jesus, lying in a manger, must compete with Santa as children line up to sit on his lap....
Creepier by the Dozen: Twelve Twisted Tales, by Anneliese Hise
Twelve short stories in the "Twilight Zone" tradition by a father, son and daughter team of writers. From an ambulance ride with a serial killer to an interrogation with an apathetic hitman, these macabre stories are designed to get your mind racing and your heart pumping.

A reviewer writes: "These twelve tales range from creepy to eerie and all are well done. I found myself wanting more, and occasionally shuddering at a couple of the endings. If you like The Twilight Zone you will love Creepier by the Dozen."...
All The Lonely Spirits: Journal 1 of The Sun and Moon Archives, by Jane J. Henri
Civilian medium Abby Nelson joins a small team of Marines to investigate paranormal problems at top secret locations around the country.

On their first mission together, Brigadier General Matthew Jackson and his team of three Marines are only there to supervise and keep Abby on track while she attempts to reclaim an abandoned but essential Army building from an overwhelming number of boisterous spirits who've taken control of it.

It sounded easy enough in the beginning, but they soon find that the job is far more dangerous and shocking than anyone ever dreamed. The fact that every day brings more discoveries about a defunct hellhole of an orphanage, old murders and new spies soon puts the team and their top-secret...
Brian Boru - Freedom Within The Heart, by Mark Mahon
952A.D. With infighting among the Irish clans throwing Ireland into turmoil, the pagan Vikings invade the region with little resistance. After watching both his father and mother murdered, a young Brian Boru and his brother, Mahoun, swear to revenge their Norse oppressors.

A man, a simple man, whose bravery captivated a nation, was killed on Good Friday in April of 1014, but Brian Boru's spirit lives on in every Irishman until this present day. This is his story of bravery that inspired a nation against all the odds....
Crying Woman Bridge (The High Country Mystery Series Book 6), by Vickie Britton
While returning from Professor Dawson's lecture on haunted places, the last thing Sheriff Jeff McQuede and Dawson expect to encounter is a terrified woman clinging to the railing of Mirabella's Bridge, crying for her lost baby. It looks as if Rae Harris has thrown the infant over the bridge in a fit of despair, but she claims he has been stolen by a ghostly figure she calls Mirabella. Similar to the La Llorona legend Dawson just spoke about, Mirabella was a local pioneer woman who was rumored to have drowned her infant after being abandoned by a lover. At first McQuede believes Rae was driven by madness, but he soon finds evidence that her story may be true, and the perfectly timed kidnapping of her child may be in some way related t...
Dinosaur and Monster and The Man in The Moon (Dinosaur and Monster stories Book 3), by Suzanne Pollen
Ideal book for children, early learning and bedtime
reading with rich vivid illustrations and a charmingly
written engaging story
Dinosaur and Monster and The Man in The Moon.

The 3rd in The Dinosaur and Monster stories. On noticing
how big The Moon was one evening, the intrepid duo set
out to see if they can reach The Moon. After some daft
attempts by Monster it's Dino who has the cunning plan to
use balloons and a chair and away they both go on an
adventure they're sure not to forget!!...
Do Yoga Every Damn Day, by Daniel Wallen
Do Yoga Every Damn Day for Health, Fitness, and Stress Relief

Yoga isn't reserved for gyms and studios. You can do yoga at the park, under the stars, and even in your bedroom floor.

Don't let your mind make yoga sound complicated. It's as simple as taking the first step. "Do Yoga Every Damn Day" reveals:

• What Stress and Zombies Have in Common
• 5 Really Good Reasons to Start a Yoga Practice
• 6 Yoga Philosophies That Changed Me on a Deep Level
• 7 Things Mindful People Do Differently to Feel Less Anxious
• How Yoga Taught Me to Be a Positive and Productive Person
• How Yoga Helped Me Cope with Poor Habits and Weird Compulsions
• How t...
Warrior (The War Chronicles Book 1), by Sean Golden
Demon-spawn, they call him; evil seed of the UnNamed One. Lirak wonders if they might be right. Sent on a holy quest to test his prophetic dreams, he returns to find his people scattered or slaughtered. Ruthless invaders and their dread warlocks spread death and destruction across the land. Before he can lead the remnants of his people in vengeance, he must win their trust. But blades and arrows alone will not defeat this enemy. His only hope is to master warlock sorcery, turning their own fell powers against them.
Can he learn their arcane secrets in time, or will the deadly power consume him?
Only the Seven Gods could know, but they war amongst themselves, Lirak is a ...