It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
Indigo and the Strange Animal Menagerie, by C J Gloucester
A psychic girl uses her powers to save a Capuchin monkey from illegal pet traffickers and in doing so draws the attention of a callous drug baron in Brazil.

Indigo is different from other twelve year old girls and she knows it. Brought up by her single mum to believe in auras and psychic energies, she is happy to be different. When she stumbles across a strange pet shop in Gloucester, she discovers a dark secret that takes her as far as the sub-tropical rainforests of northern Brazil to the dangerous streets of Rio de Janeiro. These are dangerous times for Indigo and she will need to use all her powers if she is to succeed....
All The Lonely Spirits: Journal 1 of The Sun and Moon Archives, by Jane J. Henri
Hunting down a ghost shouldn't be that hard. In fact, it can often be downright fun.

That's how medium Abby Nelson feels about it. She knows very well what to do with clingy ghosts who just won't leave. Most of the time, outsmarting them is the easiest way to get rid of one. Sometimes a little love or some long awaited justice works even better.

Brigadier General Matthew Jackson and his team of three Marines are only there to supervise and keep her on track while she attempts to reclaim an abandoned but essential Army building from an overwhelming number of boisterous spirits who've taken control of it.

It sounded easy enough in the beginning, but they soon find that the job is far more dangerous and...
The Luck of Han'anga (War of the Second Iteration, Book One), by Thomas Watson
Book One of Five.
For Robert MacGregor and the crew of the probeship William Bartram, it's a dream come true. Theirs will be the mission that makes the long awaited First Contact with an intelligent nonhuman species, a race of humanoid beings called the Leyra'an. But the dream soon becomes something very different when the Leyra'an prove to be more than just humanoid. They are like us to a degree that cannot be explained by chance alone. As if that isn't complicated enough, the Leyra'an are at war, locked in a conflict that soon threatens the safety of the William Bartram and its crew. First Contact was sure to be a challenge, but no one could have expected this!...
Whispered Echoes: An Urban Fantasy, by Anne Michaud
Brand New Urban Fantasy Series!
Whispers of death keep her sister alive.
Echoes of ghosts warn her danger is near.

Alyx lost everything in the fire, her family, her home, her freedom, but she discovered something, too: something lurking in the darkness. To protect her from harm, the ghost of her dead sister haunts the walls of the mental institution holding Alyx captive for the last 9 years. But even she can't help when patients suddenly act possessed and turn against Alyx, who must find the strength and knowledge to rid them of evil and save their lives.

After a narrow escape from the institution, Transcend welcomes Alyx in with opened arms since she's the daughter of a fo...
Unspotted: One Man's Obsessive Search for Africa's Most Elusive Leopard, by Justin Fox
People have driven Cape Leopards to the brink of extinction. Can we bring them back?

The majestic Cederberg mountains in the Western Cape region of South Africa are home to the elusive Cape Mountain Leopard. But for how long? The population has been decimated over centuries by human enemies and the survival of these glorious and mysterious cats is in jeopardy. Thanks to zoologist Quinton Martins and his Cape Leopard Trust, there may just be hope that the species will survive and continue to reign over its rocky habitat....
Syncopated Rhythm: A Novella, by James Halat
"I don't count the days. There are too many of them."

Our narrator, who remains unnamed, grows up gay in the 1960s and 1970s. He spends most of his time alone as a child, not interested in school or church or playing with the other children. A harrowing move from New Jersey to a jerkwater town in Pennsylvania only serves to drive him deeper into isolation. There a rare local murder, a deadly motorcycle crash, and a doomed crush on a boy in high school mark his time in the sleepy town.

He begins to adapt to his solitary life of empty relationships and pointless jobs by reaching out to the contemporary art world and making ephemeral connections he does not fully grasp, but is convinced will link him to a better w...
Clifford and Claudia: A Novel, by James Halat
"It takes my keen eye no time at all to discern that Clifford is prettier than Claudia."

Clifford and Claudia is powered by two remarkable characters: a young dreamer and oddball traveler, Charles, whose embarks on a journey that brings him to a cozy pizza shop owned by Clifford and Claudia; and a talkative, cranky old woman called Clara-Belle, who is out to save mankind equipped with a pack of Camels, a glass of scotch, and a mouth that could take the paint off a passing automobile.

As their paths become irrevocably entangled, Charles finds himself falling in love with the delightful Mr. Chips, only to have that love brutally ripped from him in the brief moments of a senseless act. He enters a world where dreams ...
Chaos in Paradise, by Delane Daugherty
Meeting Simonne challenges everything 17-year-old Tate thought she knew about relationships. This is a woman who not only intrigues her but tests the very limits of her love and desire. Not taken in by Simonne, Tate's best friend, Taylor, grows weary of watching her struggle and tries repeatedly to reason with her, but his focus shifts suddenly as he discovers he has a life-threatening disease. Over the years, Tate must find a way to be patient with Simonne to win her love, comforting to Taylor in his time of ultimate need, and most of all, true to herself....