It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
The Awakening: (The Nether Chronicles, Book 1), by K.A. Madison
Read the novel that started it all: The Awakening is the first book in K.A. Madison's The Nether Chronicles trilogy.

The year is 2051: Humanity's pursuit of ever more powerful computer technology has finally created a new reality: machines are self-aware and are ruthless.

The human race has been reduced to a fraction of its former self. A war to end all wars has changed the world forever. As people slowly slip away, drawn into a seductive, artificial reality created by the bots, Aiden tries to fight back. But even he is powerless to stop them.

Until he discovers that man is not alone in the Universe.

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Bear in Mind (A Bear Jacobs Mystery Book 1), by Linda B. Myers
If you think old folks at the home are sitting on the porch, listening to the ball game and downing lemonade, then meet retired P.I. Bear Jacobs, his eWatson Lily Gilbert, and the rest of the quirky residents at Jessica's Adult Care Home. Yes, they are infirm. Yes, they gripe. But all the while, they're solving crimes and dodging bullets. They're tough, they're engaged and, judging by the enemies they make, they stand mighty tall on their canes, walkers and wheels.

In Bear in Mind, the first of the PI Bear Jacobs series, the residents investigate the case of Charlie's missing wife. At first they think she's a heart breaking bitch who abandons her hubby. But Bear learns that women in the community are disappearing ...
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Castle Juliet, by Brandon Berntson
Welcome to Storyville, where time stops completely, where you never grow old, and where magic lasts forever....

Alice and Jacky-boy are the best of friends. For a year they embark on fantastic adventures, most of which are born from Jack's relentless imagination. Though as each season draws to a close, another one opens, revealing its own timeless magic and mystery - things even Jack and Alice could have never imagined.

Castle Juliet is a timeless tale for all ages. It is a story for the child in all of us. It will leave you mystified and enchanted. But more importantly, it will leave you wanting more....
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Of Introductions And Abductions: Monkey Queen Book One, by Robert Dahlen
"How would you like to help me save the world?"

That was not a phrase that Beth McGill, college student and geek girl, had ever expected to hear, even on a Friday. But when Michiko, the teenage hero called the Monkey Queen, rescues Beth from an ogre, her life gets turned upside down. And when a mutual friend is kidnapped, Michiko and Beth will have to deal with faeries, hobgoblins, a ravenous troll and a sarcastic guinea pig to find him...and the dark masterminds behind the abduction.

It'll be a weekend they'll never forget...if they survive to see Monday morning.

(This is the first novel in the Monkey Queen fantasy series! More on the way!)

Cover art © 2014 by Willow! All rights reserve...
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The Queen of Carleon (The Legends of Avalyne Book 1), by Linda Thackeray
Avalyne is at peace.

The Shadow War has come and gone and the kingdom of Carleon is now restored. King Dare, a mortal man has finally wedded his elven love Arianne. As they prepare to usher in a new era of prosperity across the land, the Queen happily announces the impending arrival of an heir.

Arianne's joy is short-lived when she discovers that an ancient evil has emerged from the wreckage of war with a monstrous plan for her baby. Determined to protect her very mortal husband, Arianne embarks on a quest with her two companions, the warrior maid Celene of Angarad and Keira of the Green, to journey to the far corners of Avalyne before the enemy can plant a seed of evil in the heart of her unborn son.
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A Dream of Hope and Sorrow: Book One of the Druid Saga, by Jonathan Crocker
The Reverie - a magically constructed world accessible only through a few ancient doorways. Sasha's new home backs onto a forest that houses just one such portal. On the other side she is immersed in a world of druids and magic and fantastical creatures.

But there is a darker side to the Reverie. The druid clans exist in this simple world, vying to increase their holdings and power, and Sasha soon finds herself swept up in the conflicts that rage between clans. Armed with only her resolve, and a rudimentary understanding of magic, Sasha is forced to fight for her survival....
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Detective Lessons, by Bill Larkin
When a wealthy real estate developer convinces Orange County Sheriff's Deputy Kevin Schmidt to search for his missing son, Schmitty senses trouble. It's not the fact that it's a prohibited side job, it's the fact that he has to team up with Megan McCann, an attractive private investigator with her own set of rules.

Finding a body in the trunk of a BMW sends Schmitty and Megan on an adrenalized trail through Southern California unraveling a sophisticated real estate scam. A run-in with the LAPD and some hardcore gang members opens new perspectives on the case, and they begin to glimpse a shocking web of greed and corruption.

The situation suddenly becomes more complex - and personal - when the billionaire...
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You Decide! The Future of Scotland: A humorous non-linear exploration of the unexpected consequences of democracy where YOU DECIDE! exactly what happens, by Judgement Dave
Scotland may have voted, but this book is still as irrelevant and irreverent as ever!

It's the most fun book tenuously linked to the Scottish Referendum that in reality has little to do with it (both the indyref and reality) and was as (ir)relevant in the run-up to the vote as it will be in 10 years time.

18th September 2014: Most adults in Scotland voted in the independence referendum.
But what if you didn't qualify to vote? What if you couldn't vote? What if you just couldn't be arsed to vote?

Well now you too can decide the future of Scotland in YOU DECIDE! The Future of Scotland.

Will you help Scotland to international sporting glory? Will a Scot be the first man on Mars? Will Me...
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