It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
Love's Arrangement: A Clean Contemporary Romance: A Clean and Wholesome Short Romance, by Pamlea Wilder
Fiona's big break had finally arrived. She'd been chosen as a cast member of Arranging for Love. All her hard work was about to pay off. Little did she know, her reward was not at all what she expected!...
Jump Into the Blue: A True Story, by Christina Lavers
Divine magic or madness? Heroine or fool?

A true story

In this real life account that begins with a playful Ouija session, Christy finds herself swept into a mysterious, surreal world governed by magic and synchronicity. Moving from the grungy streets of Montreal, to Mayan Pyramids, Rainbow Gatherings, and ultimately to the far reaches of reality, Christy explores both her external and internal world and awakens to levels of consciousness that rock her entire belief system.

In this multidimensional story, told authentically from the heart, the author challenges her readers to evaluate their own understanding of reality. With nuggets of wisdom and unique spiritual insight, this wild, enchanting journ...
Angus Adams: the adventures of a free-range kid (The Free-Range Kid Mysteries Book 1), by Lee Winter
"As a free range kid, Angus is allowed to do things other kids his age aren't - like play in the street and hang out at the park without adults (shock, horror!) But when he's accused of stealing an iPhone from school, Angus must use all of his brains, resilience, and courage to catch the real thief, clear his name, and outwit the seriously bad dudes hot on his tail!"...
The Dead Pond: A Short Novel, by Jason Ryan Dale
A Sunny Day at the Beach Can Hide Dark Secrets

Tina has something to tell her lover. To temper the inevitable awkward moment, she has arranged a visit to the beach, where, she hopes, the sunshine and her string bikini will put her boyfriend, Marty, in a good mood. Tina is worried how he will react, but not because she's afraid of hurting his feelings. As far as she can tell, he has no feelings. Tina has never understood what place she has in Marty's life, which makes her part in his future a complete mystery.

But Marty reacts strangely. Totally out of character, he reveals to Tina the most important pieces of his past. When he was young like Tina, Marty was forced to choose between his friends and his ambition. Gi...
The Girl in the City, by Philip Harris
With the oppressive Transport Authority controlling every aspect of their existence, Leah and her father do what they can to carve a good life for themselves. Leah spends her nights scavenging in the rural zone around the City, risking capture by the Wild Ones as she hunts for salvage her father can trade for food and other essentials.

But when Leah takes a bag of salvage from a dying stranger, she and her father are drawn into the world of Transport and its war against the terrorist organization, TRACE.

A war that could cost them both their lives.

The Girl in the City is a standalone science fiction novella set in the world of Michael Bunker's Pennsylvania and is approximately 60 pages long....
Glitch Mitchell and the Unseen Planet, by Philip Harris
NEW RELEASE - LIMITED TIME INTRODUCTORY PRICEA gateway to another world. A lucky contest winner. An adventure across the cosmos!
Dwayne "Glitch" Mitchell has always been obsessed with space. When he learns that NASA has discovered an alien gateway, he's the first to enter a contest to see the incredible phenomenon. Glitch wins and he travels deep within the Colorado Rockies to get a peek. He's in awe, but he's also in danger.
As project head Dr. Zheng discusses the gateway, an armed man calling himself John Smith takes Zheng hostage and causes an explosion. When the rubble clears, Glitch is alive but trapped with Air Force Captain Scarlett Anderson on the other side of the gateway!
Far from home on an alie...
The Shadow Intermission: an urban horror novella, by Liam Davies
When Abbie Stone is brutally murdered by a stalker, a horrific and absurd chain of events is both ended and begun: paradoxically, time itself has been watching everything and has decided to explore the narratives and motivations that unfurled prior to Abbie's killing.

Counting backwards, hour by hour, watching the people associated with Abbie unwittingly contribute to her death, this unseen presence grows restless in the shadows and starts to plot its own brutal intervention…

The Shadow Intermission is a novella populated by characters whose demons are never that far away from the surface and, ultimately, it shows just how far reaching, and how deadly, the seemingly innocuous can become....
The Rival, by Sandra Gustafsson
Someone killed JoakimHis girlfriend Sara and his brother Tobias give radically different accounts of what happened.
Is Sara really in love with the brother or is she in fact a sociopath who won't stop at anything, as Tobias claims?
The Rival gives us the portraits of two characters at the ends of their ropes: Tobias with his intense love-hate relationship with his family and Sara who has negated her own personality in her struggle to be accepted. When each makes a desperate effort to gain control, nothing turns out the way they planned.
The Rival is a claustrophobic thriller about jealousy, revenge and the consequences of manipulating others.
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