It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
On the Wild Side, by Yvonne Harriott
Sparks fly when opposites attract ...

Not wanting to be in Boston on the weekend of her ex-fiance's wedding city girl Gillian St. James heads to a cabin on a lake in Maine. She didn't bargain on getting stranded, or on her attraction to the cabin's rugged caretaker.

At the height of his career, Devon Jackson walked away from his job as a detective with the NYPD. His wife's murder had shattered his life, and he moved to a mountain retreat. When he's left in charge of the family business, his quiet life is turned upside down and he just can't seem to get the sexy weekend guest out of his mind.

She's running from the present, he's running from his past, and danger is nipping at their heels...
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Rockfall, by Diane Winger
Two horrified witnesses watch as a mountainside crumbles, crashing down on a party of hikers. Searchers find no signs of life. Three missing, all presumed dead. Three families begin the difficult process of grieving.

But one of the missing is alive. Alone, injured, and terrified, she struggles to survive, hoping against all odds that someone will find her -- before time runs out.

Emotionally charged and engrossing, Rockfall is a novel that plumbs the depths of tragedy and celebrates the resiliency of the human spirit.

"Though I wasn't expecting this to be such a strong emotional read, it really tugged at me. Several times I had to take a deep breath before continuing to read." - MindingSpot book blog
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Something Under the Sea is Drooling, by Ken Naga
Halvin an' Cobbs vs. Cthulhu!

Halvin "Hal" Ferguson spent his childhood day-dreaming, but even in his wildest imaginings, he never thought he would find himself thrust onto the ragged edge of reality.

Hal's fantastic and unrestrained imagination placed him at the head of a motley but mighty band of beings known as the Mindknaves who tirelessly battle against the forces from Beyond.

But now, the Mindknaves are all but gone. They cannot help him. Cthulhu made sure of that.

Cthulhu - a rancorous and insanely-powerful psyche-shredding force from Beyond has captured Hal's Mom and Dad. Hal knows Cthulhu's plan. The monstrous being of ancient evil plans to force Hal to give up the source of his p...
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Say No More, by N. Gemini Sasson
A dog's love is forever...

After five-year old Hunter McHugh witnesses the farming accident that takes the life of his father, Cam, he stops talking -- to everyone except his dog, Halo.

Halo is no ordinary dog. She knows heaven is real. If only she could tell Hunter that death doesn't mean an end to being around the ones we love, maybe she could help him find his voice again. Unfortunately, she may never have the chance.

Parted from the only family she has ever known, Halo must find her way home. The problem is she doesn't know where home is anymore.

Say No More is a heartfelt story of love, hope, and the enduring bond between a boy afraid to speak and a dog that can't....
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Silo Saga: Recoil (Kindle Worlds Novella), by Paul B Kohler
In a silo where cleanings are a cause for celebration and are handled by a crew of teenage boys, a hazing initiation goes horribly wrong. The silo leadership hunts for the boys to clean -- this time without the safety of the silo waiting for them when they finish.

The story is told through the lens of teenage girls Petra and Tavi. Enamored with the cleaning crew, the girls find themselves on the wrong side of a manhunt to find the boys. Just like the girls, the reader doesn't really find out what is really happening with the adults in the silo until the final, deadly confrontation....
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Moonbeak and Jacob Adventure Book 1-Sunny's First Flight (Children Book Age 3 to 8), by Ronald Rogers
Moonbeak and Jacob adventure book series are about the adventures of two close friends-Moonbeak the Owl and Jacob the Ape.

Moonbeak is wise, prefers to be quiet and likes to help when asked. He can also fly stealthily and can scout ahead to assess the situation.

Jacob is adventurous and fun loving. He is also very resourceful and enjoys making tools with his hands.

They love to help other animals in distress. Together, they can accomplish what they cannot do alone. This is a story of friendship, service and teamwork. There are a lot of pictures to illustrate the story so your child can imagine the scenes as they take place. This book is suitable for children age 3 to 8.

In this book, Su...
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Shadow on the Rose, by Laura Jane Leigh
Marion and James Fraser are a young couple who appear to have it all. Their luck changes, however, when they move into a lovely, old mansion with a rose garden. Marion falls ill and begins to have strange dreams, in which she seems to be leading the life of a young Victorian woman, Mariana Wilkinson.

Mariana Wilkinson used to visit the house as the guest of a friend, whose mother is thought to have drowned in a boating accident. During her stays with the family, Mariana comes to suspect that foul play was involved. After investigating, she accuses someone of murder. Then a chance remark raises a terrifying doubt: has she persecuted an innocent person' Despite her best efforts, she never knows for sure.

Marion Fras...
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