It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

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Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
Rebel With A Gun, by Van Holt
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He was fifteen when the Civil War started, nineteen when it ended. His parents were dead by then, their farm sold for the taxes. The girl he loved had married a boy he hated. Nothing seemed right.
So he headed for Texas with a disreputable old snake oil peddler and a beautiful blonde with a jealous husband and a dangerous secret that could get them all killed.
Even though he had ridden with Quantrill and Bloody Bill, he was not like the others. Many of them were not the only bushwhackers who flourished during the war. Men just like them had waved the Union flag and used it to cloak their crimes, and now that the fighting was over not a...
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The Jewolic, by Ritch Gaiti
Conundrums of a Half-Jew - a humorous romp through religious ambivalence. Polish/Jewish mom; Italian/Catholic dad. I was a religious mutt -- a matzo brie pizza; a blintz marinara; a bagel and lox trapped inside a spaghetti and meatballs body. I needed an identity.
I could have become:

a) A Jew, invoking the very popular, and all-inclusive, 'if your mother is a Jew' rule;
b) A Catholic, ignoring the above-mentioned rule; or,
c) A half Jew/half Cath, Jewolic, straddling both religions, favoring the one that was most advantageous at the time.

For most of my youth...
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Hathor Legacy: Outcast, by Deborah A Bailey
On the planet, Hathor, a powerful group called the Guardians serves as the security force for Novacorp, the corporation that runs Hathor with its ruthless monopoly. Nadira, as one of the most powerful Guardians, is expected to use her intuition and telekinetic powers to keep the capital city safe from thieves and intruders.

Jonathan Keel, son of a mine CEO on the nearby planet, Astarte, is wealthy, privileged and used to getting what he wants. When his father goes missing after a robbery and explosion at the mine, he defies the authorities and heads to Hathor to search for him and for the robbers.

Security is on high alert and Nadira is charged with protecting Jon. She rescues him from an vicious attack and discovers t...
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99 Gods: War, by Randall Farmer
"War" is the first book of the 99 Gods Trilogy.

"I'll make this short and sweet, as I'm not accustomed to public speaking in forums like this. As you've just seen, I can do miracles. My name is Dubuque, I'm a Living Saint directing God Almighty's miracles, and I am but one of 99. We're here to end national war, a new commandment sent by God, and our creators trained us in how to end wars. Beyond that, we're here to do good." So says Dubuque, a North American Territorial God, on the day of his arrival. The people of Earth, shocked and pleased at the sudden appearance of the 99 Gods, expect utopia.
However, instead of ending war, the Gods trigger many new conflicts and cause economic and politica...
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'Cover up your webcams…or suffer the consequences.'

He calls himself the Slave Master. He spies on women through their computer webcams. Then he blackmails those who unknowingly reveal their secrets to him. His last victim was brutally murdered. Now he's targeting the cop in charge of the investigation. To him she's the perfect prey - because she has secrets of her own.

Praise for MALICIOUS:

'This is a chilling story, superbly written, with captivating and unique characters. The pace is vigorous with twists and turns, storyline is potent, candid, and engaging. An awesome, captivating novel which I highly recommend,' Nancy Silk Reviews blog.

'If this thriller does not give...
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CEO Groupie (Bizz Jockey Carl Pappas Thrillers), by M.H. Vesseur
Meet the world's #1 "bizz jockey": Carl Pappas. He hosts the radio show "The Boardroom" and is both loved and feared by the global business community. He has a sharp eye for business news and the big mouth of a talk radio host. One night three live guests join him on his show: two CEOs and a woman who calls herself: "the CEO Groupie".
When the mysterious woman reveals the existence of a secret call girl organization for CEOs and subsequently disappears a couple of days later, the bizz jockey engages on a search. What happened to the CEO Groupie and what are the other two guests up to?...
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Love Beyond Time (Morna's Legacy Series), by Bethany Claire
It began nearly four hundred years ago. The Conall clan and all their people were murdered in a surprise attack, their beloved castle and all evidence of who destroyed them burned to the ground with their bodies. In the centuries following, archaeologists searched through the ruins looking for any evidence of what or who had caused the untimely demise of such a powerful Scottish clan. All efforts were fruitless, until a spell put in place by an ancient Conall ancestor finally began to work its magic...

Texas kindergarten teacher, Brielle Montgomery, finds comfort in the mundane routines of her life, but when her archaeologist mother asks her to accompany her on a dig in Scotland, she decides to step out of her comfort zone. Onc...
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Awaking (The Naturals, #1), by Madeline Freeman
Morgan Abbey's life is about to change.

Just weeks before the beginning of her senior year, a mysterious stranger approaches Morgan with information that turns her world on end: First, the psychic ability she believes she has just been pretending to have since middle school might actually be real.

Second, her mother, who disappeared abruptly and completely almost a decade ago, might still be alive.

Morgan finds herself drawn into a centuries-old struggle involving a shadowy group with incredible powers. The Veneret have quietly coexisted alongside the common people of the world for centuries. Now they believe it is time for them to reclaim their former positions of power-and that Morgan is th...
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