It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!

The Game Players of Meridien: Chronicles of the Second Empire (Chronicles of the Second Interstellar Empire of Mankind Book 1), by Robert I. Katz
Douglas Oliver loves to play games.

He's good at games, and in Meridien, the wealthiest nation on Illyria, the greatest game of all is the Game of Life, where success is measured first by survival, and second by gaining more power, more riches and more status than all the rest.

Life is a difficult game, and to the victor go the spoils.

Three thousand years ago, the people of Illyria were the best soldiers in the Empire. Competition is in their blood.

But the Empire is long gone and the rulers of Meridien know that too much competition is dangerous. It's the job of the Guilds and the Guild Council to ensure that the rules of the Game are followed.

Douglas Oliver understands what it...
A Global Convergence: Exploring the economic, social, and environmental impact of globalization, by David McDonald
In his first novel, David McDonald - an economics student at The University Of Guelph and founder of The Global Millennial - dives into the globalization discussion with a particular focus on how economic theory and history can help answer one pressing question: Has globalization been helpful or detrimental to the sustainability of our planet, and advancement of our species?
McDonald begins the discussion with a brief, yet detailed summary of the history of global trade. Although it is difficult to say when true globalization began, he argues that the framework for international trade was established much sooner than some may expect.
A majority of the book focuses on globalization in the 21st century. McDonald discusses the...
Add It Down: Forget the Fads and Count the Calories, by Dave Reed
Add It Down is a simple, no-nonsense guide to weight loss success through the proven science of calorie restriction. In this book, the author shares his own incredible weight loss story as he walks you step-by-step through the process of tracking calories, calculating your BMR, and making better food choices to achieve real, lasting weight loss. Add It Down is chock full of advice and amusing anecdotes on topics like meal prepping, macronutrient balance, exercise, motivation, dealing with willpower and binge issues, and debunking widespread weight loss myths. Both deeply personal and profoundly inspiring, this book will give you the knowledge and confidence to get started on your own weight loss journey, all for less than the cost of a d...
The Book of Initiation: Thine is the Kingdom, by Thomas Taylor
The nature of reality is not fixed, it's mutable. Mankind is not separate from the Universe, they are one and the same. As above so below, as below so above. The Will of man is the Will of the Universe. The modern world works only because people believe the world to exist as it does. What is called science, is no different than magic. It is only in the fact that people believe in science that it functions. But it is only one belief, other views are no less valid. Some ideas though, have the ability to transcend the inherent disbelief in them.

That fact is a secret knowledge passed down from master to student and forms the basis of many secret orders. Each order frames their teaching based on their own interpretation of this s...
Moral Support, by George Clerkin
Pete Trevor is surrounded by friends in need - one has been evicted, another has had his house burned down, another is in danger of losing his business. Pete's attempts to help them all and set the world aright once again are what make up his latest adventure. Whether he is providing shelter to a crowd of needy comrades, negotiating a truce between a sparring husband and wife, or matching wits with a young villain of unsurpassed cunning, Pete takes on all challenges as only he can. In the process, he learns just how much one man can do to alleviate the hardships of others, and comes to an appreciation of how a little "Moral Support" can go a very long way indeed.
The Age of the Child, by Kristen Tsetsi
It's the worst time in the nation's history of reproductive legislation for someone like Katherine, who doesn't want a child, to learn she's pregnant. The ratification of the pro-creation Citizen Amendment has not only criminalized the birth control that would have prevented Katherine's accidental pregnancy, but abortion and most miscarriages are illegal, too.

In this environment, not having a child will be a challenge.

Katherine isn't afraid of a challenge.

29 years later...

It's probably the worst possible time in the nation's history of reproductive legislation for Millie - well, for someone like Millie - to decide rather suddenly that she wants to be pregnant.

Since the recent i...
Mysterious lady, by Sandra Finch
Just a little warning. This story is NOT for Sari fans. I have nothing against her but I made her mean for the sake of the story plot. But I still hope you'd enjoy reading.