It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
Turn On the Light So I Can Hear, by Teri Kanefield
A young artist badly in need of money bluffs her way through an interview into a job she is not prepared for. To succeed, she must make room in her life for two people: Curtis, a deaf architect who has sworn he will never date a hearing woman, and thirteen-year-old Alex, profoundly deaf, rebellious, bold, and frightened.

As each takes new risks in friendship and love, the hearing and deaf worlds come together. With sign language--nimble and evocative--at its center, Turn On the Light So I Can Hear is about reaching across distances, the transformative powers of art, and finding a place to belong.

From the award-winning author of The Girl F...
Rivka's Way, by Teri Kanefield
Fifteen-year-old Rivka Liebermann has never been beyond the walls of Prague's Jewish quarter. Inspired by her brother Jakob's stories of the outside world, Rivka longs to explore the larger city and surrounding countryside.
She ventures outside, and what she experiences forever changes her ideas of her family, her community, and herself.

Set in eighteenth-century Prague, this engaging story chronicles one girl's struggle to come to terms with her place in the world.


-Sydney Taylor Book Awards, Notable Book 2001.
-Lilith Magazine's 5th Annual Selection of Books for Young Readers
-Included in Great Books for Girls, by Kathleen O...
The Jaguar Key (The Eternals), by Katherine Starbird
First place winner, 2014 Royal Palm Literary Award.
"The author weaves a rich tapestry of vivid images, powerful emotions, and intrigue into an action-packed fantasy that I couldn't put down. She takes you deep into an ethereal world created from the earthiness of tradition and nature, born of blood and lust. Truly spellbinding!"

Rosamond, a former jaguar goddess, wants to live an ordinary human life in Washington, DC, but the Eternals have other plans. Her carefully constructed life falls apart when her boyfriend suddenly leaves town.

To suppress her animal instinct to hunt the man down, she travels to see her close friend in Oregon. Her friend's brother believes Rosamond can cross to the planes of...
The Cemetery Sleeper, by Susan Griner
Ten-year-old Freddy Pesterfield is certain his aunt's creaky old farmhouse in TN is haunted, and it's not long before he begins sleepwalking to the nearby family cemetery. Freddy desperately searches for a way to keep from waking in the graveyard, but he cannot stop a vengeful ghost from luring him there.

With the help of his wary cousin and his superstitious friend, Freddy looks for remedies to get rid of the ghost named Tump. Can Freddy unearth the mystery of Tump's death before Tump leads him to the cemetery one last time?
For I Am With You, by Judy Haar
For I Am With You
Medical Thriller

A virus over a billion years old. A team of weary virus hunters. An unthinkable enemy. The end of mankind.

When Jenna, a Ph.D. in virology working for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, stumbles upon a new virus concealed within an outbreak of Ebola, she discovers something far more terrifying: unimaginable, living, and experimenting with the human race, a sentient virus with a distinct plan. It surfaces, directing its team of children to control the very essence of mankind, the soul. A battle is waged, the reason, to live past us. Who will win the final war. 'For I Am With You' until the end of the world.
Then Again (Realms Of Our Own), by Michael Carney
It's the last few minutes of Millennium Eve, December 31 1999. But whilst the rest of the world is celebrating, Outcast Angel Jesse and a ragtag bunch of genetically enhanced trainees are desperately trying to save a Russian politician from an unknown assassin.

The crowd is counting down the last few seconds till the new millennium -- and then suddenly everything changes. What just happened, will it happen again and is there anything that Jesse and his team can do to prevent the assassination?

THEN AGAIN is one of a collaborative series of short stories published under the collective banner REALMS OF OUR OWN.

Realms Of Our Own is a new model in Science-Fiction anthologies, inviting each author to cont...
An Unexpected Performance, by Kim Smith
…"An Unexpected Performance would be an intriguing book for teenagers and young adults, especially those who want an intimate view of the difficulties in the South during the Civil War…." Robert Sells

TW Ervin II says… "a good read. It's targeted at a YA audience but, like so many novels out there, readers beyond their teens can easily enjoy this novel. It's fast paced and has a U.S. Civil War-time travel element that works well and makes the novel click right along."

Susan Cook said: . "Some of the parts that showed different emotions--real emotions--that we can only guess at from the era were very powerful. I do not want to give away too much-- so go get it and enjoy the trip."

The Terminus Project, by G.L. Jones
Deep in the void, at the far end of the galaxy, a United Core Worlds mining station clings to the surface of a blasted and forbidding planet. A small group of UCW employees toil endlessly to mine precious ore from the deadly surface of the planet. Without the ore, the colony planets would collapse. The ore powers the ships that keep mankind in space. A galaxy class UCW supply ship arrives in orbit. A drop ship that delivers vital supplies, detaches and crash lands into the deep space link. With the communication hub out of commission, the station can't communicate with the Deep Space Hub, their only link to the rest of humanity. The supply ship that hovers in orbit is not responding. Something survived the crash. Something stalks the ...