It's Book Discovery Day! Twice a week we bring you a selection of books that are newly-published, or that have been overlooked.

Every great book was once a hidden gem. Browse through the books below and start your own discovery!

Book Discovery - newly-published and overlooked books!
Robin Unaware (#4 Birds in Peril Series), by Mary Elizabeth Fricke
Life is constant change, sometimes planned, sometimes instant and devastating. For Stephanie Harvester-Garrett, life takes an abrupt curve when her husband is killed in a car accident.
Determined to secure a stable home for her three children, Stephanie returns to Missouri to be closer to family and to accept employment in her brother's law office. A whole new world opens for Stephanie and her three children when they move into a log house owned by Hunt R&C employee, Todd Sellers.
However, the dream of living a peaceful country life is interrupted by unexpected ghosts of the past, and hatred spawned in the name of love.
We, The Watched, by Adam Bender
Break through the government propaganda and avoid surveillance cameras in We, The Watched.

Told from the first-person perspective of an amnesiac, this dystopian adventure places the reader in the shoes of Seven as he struggles to go unnoticed in a surveillance society and discover his true identity.

Seven enters a dystopia where the government conducts mass surveillance and keeps a Watched list of its own citizens. The Church has become as powerful as the State, and people who resist are called Heretics and face execution.

Seven's amnesia gives him a blank-slate perspective that helps him see through the propaganda, and he soon gets involved with a group of rebels called the Underground. But this same...
The Murderer's Apprentice, by S. Gary SANGHA
Fourteen-year-old Karl Parker has already seen too much of life. After the death of his father, his grieving mum turned to heroin, leaving Karl to fend for himself and try to look after her. A boy with too many troubles already, he finds himself the target of the bully at his new school. Then, just when he thinks things couldn't be any worse, he notices his neighbour behaving strangely - so strangely that Karl begins to suspect him of something bad. Something very, very bad indeed....
Obsidian (Mystic Stones Series #1), by Kayla Curry
The Big Island of Hawaii is a beautiful place, but deadly vampires move in for the kill.

In the year 2020, Ava wakes up to discover satellite technology has been compromised. It doesn't take her long to find out who's behind it, but it's something more than a corporation out to monopolize technology. It's a legion of vampires out to monopolize blood.

After falling for the charm of a powerful vampire, Ava is forced to make difficult decisions for herself and her loved ones.

Tom Walker is relentless. He wants her to join him, not only as a co-worker and a love interest but also as a vampire. After fleeing Hawaii, Ava meets Jesse Sutton, but something's off about him too.

A war is b...
Moon (Gemini Series Book 1), by Don McAuley
A systems failure on an Apollo Lunar Module turns from bad to worse in an instant.

Astronauts John Campbell and Bill Goodwin face a problem so unexpected, it's never been faced before. Their experience turns their belief systems upside down. The way they look at the sky. The way they believe what they're told. Everything changed forever.

Not that it will matter much. Not from their lonely spot thousands of miles away. They have only hours to find a solution. If they don't, the moon will become their final resting place, taking their secret with it.

Welcome to Moon, the first short story of the Gemini series. This tense, action-packed thriller reveals the race to survive against dwindling life sup...
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Imagine for a moment you are on your way back home from work. You are driving, sitting on the train or simply walking back. You are starting to feel hungry.

You want to give yourself a treat. A healthy one. Is that possible? You wonder. A few seconds go by after your craving thoughts.

You fancy something good, something fast, but you also want it to make feel good. A healthy reward is what you are after. Then, out of nowhere, your mind starts to picture what you are really after…

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Then you realize...
Return of the Storm Gods, by Andrew Ruff
It's 2050. California, which saw the worst drought in its history end several years before,
is again suffering from a prolonged drought. This time, however, it is even worse. It's the 10th year of what has become known as the Decade Drought.

People have tried everything they can think of, both technical and non-, to get relief but to no avail.
Meteorologists are at a loss to explain why the drought has persisted despite conditions, such as a strong El Nino, that in the past have always eliminated or at least ameliorated California's periodic droughts.

But you, dear reader, are about to learn the cause of the Decade Drought. To do so, we need to go back tens of thousands of years, to the creation ...
Capable of Anything I, by T.S. Brumsey
When close adolescent friends Candice, Samar, Sha, Sabrina, who reside in Casselberry, Michigan, face the reality that tomorrow isn't promised for any of them, primarily due to Candice's mother's violent death and the rapidly surfacing complexities in their lives, they realize they are capable of anything, be it positive or negative, and it is up to them to make the best choices to avoid being in harm's way.

Candice, Samar, Sha, and Sabrina are learning how to deal with the highs and lows their lives are hurling at them. Candice the main character, is sixteen and is having a preponderant amount of difficulty dealing with her mother's death and coping with issues regarding her peers. She experiences her first serious ...